As a recruiter, you may find it easy to make the initial connection with a qualified candidate – but have you ever wondered what the process is like after that first connection? How long does it take? What hoops do candidates have to jump through?

To find out more, we at GetVoIP studied Glassdoor reviews from software engineers at major tech companies and analyzed the hiring process, interview experience, and interview difficulty at major tech companies like Google, Apple, Twitter, and more.

Turns out, the lengthiest hiring processes regularly hit the four-week mark, with Google having one of the longest and hardest interview processes of all.

Interestingly enough, people’s interview experiences weren’t always related to the interview’s difficulty. For example, though Google’s interviews were tough, 56 percent of candidates said they had a positive experience. Twitter, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well: Out of the thirteen companies we reviewed, Twitter’s interview process was least enjoyable for candidates, with 42 percent saying they had negative experiences.

Want to dive deep into our survey of the hiring processes at a few major tech companies? Check out the visuals below:


Interview-Process-2 (1)


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