October 20, 2015

Why Higher Education Still Matters

School BusEducation is powerful: the more knowledge a person has, the more they can earn, in terms of both money and social standing.

However, in recent times, many have questioned the importance of higher education. The reasons for this doubt are varied: some are skeptical that higher education will do them much good in their careers, some are afraid of the costs involved, and some are not sure whether the investment of time and finances will really pay off.

The truth is simple: despite what you may have heard, higher education is too important to miss. Here’s why:

Get an Edge Over the Competition

In today’s world, competition is all around us. From jobs to social status, every person is competing with everyone else. Higher education is the most important tool you can have in your arsenal to stay ahead. It opens up important ways for you to advance yourself, both personally and professionally.

Find Employment

Thanks to the rapidly changing global economy and the development of technology, finding and maintaining employment has become more challenging and demanding in the last several years. Employers no longer look for simple manpower; they look for knowledge and skills, much of which you can only attain through rigorous schooling.

Higher education will make you stand out among all the other job candidates. The more educated you are, the better your chances of landing a great job.

Better Understand the World Around You

We live in complicated, nuanced times. Higher education teaches you the mental techniques you need to navigate this world successfully. If you plan to become an entrepreneur or a businessman, you won’t get very far unless you know how to think outside the box and handles complex situations. Higher education teachers you how to do just that.

Pursue the Path You Want To

ClassroomThe biggest advantage of pursuing higher studies is that you can walk the career path of your choice. Attending college gives you choices. You don’t have to settle for a job you can get; you can chase after the job you truly want with your degree in hand.

You Need Higher Education — but How Do You Choose What to Study?

Important as it is, higher education can also be confusing. With so many majors, programs, and areas of study out there, many students feel overwhelmed when it comes time to choose an educational path. Some believe that they should pursue a course of study that will enable them to earn more money, while others choose programs based on well-meaning, but one-sided advice from parents, teachers, and friends.

Students shouldn’t choose their programs — or their attendant careers — based on mere whims or questionable advice. They should select the study and life paths that align with their passions and goals. They need to think long, hard, and carefully about it.

For students in need of some direction, a career counselor may be the right way to go. Career counselors use a wide range of techniques to determine which career will be suitable for a particular student. They measure the aptitude of a student and gauge their interests in various areas. Based on their findings, career counselors can suggest career paths that may be right for a student. They can also help the students in developing educational plans that will lead them to the perfect professional life.

Higher education is important — but it’s even more important to make sure that you choose the right higher education path for you. The wrong choice may result in not only wasted years, but also serious debts with nothing to show for them. On the contrary, the right choice will ensure not only your personal development, but also your continued satisfaction for years to come.

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Jessie Agarwal is a passionate blogger and journalist from India. She writes articles on various topics, such as education, gadgets, and travels. She currently works with Univariety, which provides career counseling for college students.