New GuyIf you have an open position at your company and are looking to hire externally, you will likely receive applications from a lot of impressive and qualified candidates. While you may be inclined to place anyone from out of state in the “reject” pile, there are several reasons why you should reconsider. To be afraid of the relocation costs and hassles that may accompany hiring someone from out of state is to be behind the times — and here’s why:

1. Employees Who Are Not From the Area Can Offer New Perspectives

Nothing helps encourage new ideas and promote creativity like a fresh voice in the conversation. New blood can bring innovative perspectives on how things are done in different sectors of the business.

If you find your company output has become stagnant, an employee from another part of the country can offer new ways of going about a project that local employees might not have thought of. Anyone who has done a bit of traveling can attest to how much the citizens of each area of the country differ in their views of the world and thought processes.

2. Out-of-State Candidates Will Bring Cultural Diversity

As America becomes more integrated than ever before — a true melting pot — it’s important to have voices that represent a variety of different cultures on your team. Pulling in candidates from out of the area can help you target different demographics and expand your marketing strategies for bigger sales.

CandyThe Census Bureau predicts that there will be no racial majority in just a few decades. Your business will need to appeal to a wide range of cultural identities in order to succeed. The best way to do that is to bring in talent that reflects — and understands — a variety of demographics. If your business is located in a culturally homogeneous area, you may want to take advantage of out-of-state candidates to help create a culture of diversity within your business.

3. Out-of-State Candidates Are Driven to Find New Things

Contrary to popular belief, out-of-state hires tend to enjoy their new leases on life and make the most of their new jobs. A solid 77 percent of employees who relocated in recent years said they were happy about their move. Relocated employees cite having new experiences and making new friends as some of the top reasons for not regretting their decisions. Millennials in particular have no problem making big moves. In fact, millennials are extremely well-traveled and well-versed in the experience of living in different areas.

4. Out-of-Towners Are Easier to Recruit Than Ever

A lot of employers avoid out-of-state candidates because they believe it to be prohibitively expensive to interview them. Thanks to the Internet, this isn’t much of a problem anymore. Video interviewing is incredibly accessible, thanks to Skype, Google Hangouts, and similar apps. You can utilize phone and video for initial interviews and wait until you’re sure of a candidate’s qualifications before flying them in for a face-to-face meeting.

Remember to Make Yourself Appealing to Out-of-State Candidates!

BeachTruthfully, the best candidates have many options when it comes to finding jobs, and they don’t always place paychecks as their highest priorities. Some of them are really looking for the chance to live new lifestyles in new places.

When interviewing a potential out-of-state candidate, you should make sure they’re aware of the cost of living in your area and the amenities it has to offer. The best way to ensure an out-of-state candidate will do well with your company is to ensure they are satisfied with both their work life and their new living situation.

Entry-level positions can be left to the plethora of local candidates who’ll likely submit their resumes for every available opportunity. Positions that call for higher skill levles require candidates who know what they’re doing and who are at the top of their games. In those situations, it’s entirely worthwhile to spend the extra time and money on an out-of-state candidate you know will enrich your business, rather than the local candidate who is simply easier to hire and might save you a little money.

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