March 18, 2013

WinTheView Introduces New Software Giving Job Candidates Marketing Advantages

software fingerAfter proving the effectiveness of the WinTheView (WTV) concept with his own candidates, CEO of Digital Action executive search, Ken Diamond, has expanded WTV to encompass a suite of interview presentation tools that encompass the entire job search process. The proffered step-by-step tools help candidates develop and present stories of personal accomplishment, elevator pitches, interview presentations, and follow-up letters while saving them in the cloud for maximum accessibility.

“I wanted to build technology tools utilizing Video and Online Portfolios to empower candidates to more clearly communicate their skills, accomplishments and potential for success to recruiters and the hiring team. Providing relevant and meaningful background information makes everyone’s job easier and helps to move the candidate much more quickly through the job search process. Great hires also become evident more quickly,” said Diamond.

A late addition to WTV includes a new video recorder within the elevator-pitch production application that allows users to create their pitch, record it, and publish it onto the WTV Online Portfolio which relays information to hiring managers and recruiters. Users are guided through the process in a step-by-step fashion and have full control over how much information, and what types of information, to share including testimonials, supporting media, career decisions, resumes, and value propositions.

Diamond, who has incorporated over 20 years of experience in recruiting best practices into the development of WTV, commented, “Sitting in the recruiting chair, I see the specific information that busy hiring managers are looking for. I simply built the technology that empowers job candidates to easily provide it.”

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