expanding blue arrowsWittyParrot has announced a 14-day trial download of the WittyParrot content delivery platform.

“We are thrilled to offer 14-day trial evaluation versions of the WittyParrot product for individuals and businesses to experience the simplicity of capturing, sharing and reusing content,” Anil Jwalanna, CEO of WittyParrot, said.

WittyParrot helps marketers, salespeople and customer-facing professionals overcome the problem of finding, accessing and using the information they need for prospecting, building relationships, answering questions, and creating understanding.

“Content exists in many forms, even in a small business; in web pages, documents, videos, PowerPoint, unstructured text and in dozens of different repositories ranging from portals and CRM systems to cloud storage systems,” said Jwalanna. “Content is your product, and it is critical to success across the entire customer engagement lifecycle; from first marketing touch on your website, to the conversations salespeople have with prospects, to support calls from customers. Yet salespeople and other customer-facing professionals often don’t know where to look for it and can’t find what they need when they need it.

WittyParrot provides a single point of access to personal, shared and enterprise content from a desktop, smartphone or tablet, regardless of storage location. This means better engagement and improved personal productivity, leading to a better customer experience. WittyParrot enables core content brand elements to be created, shared, reused and tracked across the company and channel partners, to help companies to speak with one voice.


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