work4-labs-logoThe #1 Facebook Recruiting Solution, Work4, recently launched Graph Search Recruiter—the first recruiting solution to leverage Facebook’s Graph Search. Graph Search, a search engine released to Facebook’s U.S. user base earlier this year, helps recruiters find the best candidates out of Facebook’s 1.1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Work4’s new Graph Search Recruiter adapts Facebook Graph Search specifically for talent acquisition, which the company says makes it easier for recruiters to leverage Facebook’s database of users’ information, including:

  • Locations
  • Work and educational histories
  • Professional skills
  • Demographics
  • Interests; and
  • Much more.

With just one click, companies’ individual recruiters can instantly see which Facebook users are good matches for specific job openings. Graph Search Recruiter then helps recruiters:

  • Keep track of users they have contacted or users who have applied to one of their jobs
  • Receive suggestions for potential referral candidates by identifying talent in a recruiter’s network who may be connected to the company’s employees
  • Minimize recruiting costs: If recruiters have an in-network connection, they will be able to contact the Facebook user they are sourcing for free; if not, they can pay as little as $1, which is ten times cheaper than sending a LinkedIn InMail.

“The time for sourcing on Facebook is now: 1.15 billion people interact with 50 million companies for nearly one in every seven minutes that they spend online per day,” said Work4 CEO Stéphane Le Viet. “Facebook Graph Search opened the door to help users and companies narrow the search process to find only the most relevant information; Graph Search Recruiter makes Facebook a viable alternative to LinkedIn by putting that information at recruiters’ fingertips, so they can spend more time focusing on hiring the right people and less time searching for them.”

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