October 11, 2012

WorkSimple Offers Visual Social Performance Management Review System

WorkSimple logoWorkSimple announced the release of Results-Driven Reviews, a first-of-its-kind tool that automates the performance-review creation process while combining social recognition and feedback with actionable insights to help improve employee performance levels. The system relies on the Social Performance suite of business apps that helps improve employee engagement through feedback and recognition. Results-Driven Reviews’ Social Goals apps allow employees to align their own career goals with those of the great company. Social Goals include visual progress updates and are publishable to the time or the company as a whole. Upon setting goals, employees immediately begin to receive feedback from co-workers and management and the system automatically adds accomplished goals to their performance review.

“Social Performance is the next big disruptor—not just for HR but for every leader and manager,” says Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple. “Unlike traditional performance management, Social Performance is seeing adoption across the workforce because it is designed with social principles that make it easy to use and deploy. And our Results-Driven Reviews take Social Performance to the next level.”

The full list of features offered by Results-Driven Reviews includes:

• The WorkSimple Core Platform with Activity Streams, Social Goals, Focus, Feedback Coaching, Social Recognition, Social Alignment, Team and Employee profiles, and Engagement Reporting modules.

• Customizable periods that can be set up to produce annual, quarterly, and monthly reviews.

• A custom 5-star ratings format.

• A review report that exhibits review scores for between five and five thousand employees.

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