opened manilla folderA new service for handling the intake of job applications has launched for small and medium sized businesses. Called, the service offers pre-screening, applicant triaging, phone screen scheduling, and face-to-face interviews, while keeping all communications in one place. The online service simplifies the hiring process so that non-HR professionals can quickly identify, review, and hire employees for their businesses. By streamlining the hiring process, smaller companies can collect job applications and evaluate candidates online or customize a YouAreHR help-wanted section for a company website.

YouAreHR replaces the HR Team for companies too small to support HR resource management specialists by automating the hiring process and allowing business specialists (e.g. supervisors, managers, and coworkers) to directly communicate with job applicants. YouAreHR allows the people with day-to-day experience with projects to pre-screen applicants, take notes during interviews, and rate candidates on how they match the most critical requirements for a job. Combing resumes with the opinions of key employees, the service helps companies make educated hiring decisions.

As a repeatable hiring process, YouAreHR involves the project team in hiring decisions so companies do not have to rely on “hiring experts” to make the calls. Hiring is injected into corporate culture while allowing YouAreHR to handle most of the administrative overhead. The service has no setup fees or long-term contracts and is available in a free plan for start-ups or lower cost plans for businesses of all sizes.


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