people in bubbleLeading employee referral solutions provider, ZALP, recently announced its association with four renowned industry consultants as part of its Strategic Consulting Panel, a new initiative designed to give ZALP’s clients a valuable experience before and after the implementation phase of the software.

The Strategic Consulting Panel is the first wing of ZALP’s Partner Program, which was launched in March 2014. The company says the panel stems from its team’s belief in sensitizing employees to a new technology and helping them adopt it with ease as opposed to simply releasing new tools.

“Clients today prefer a one-stop solution for all their needs rather than having to associate with multiple entities. That is the idea our Partner Program stems from. Although ZALP is very focused in its offering and we want to continue to excel in the employee referral space, we also wanted to make sure our clients find solutions to all their recruitment needs through our alliances,” Priyanka Prabhu, marketing manager at ZALP, said.

Panelists will:

  • Understand the nature of the client’s business;
  • Analyze potential challenges;
  • Chalk out a systematic roll out plan for clients; and
  • Guide clients before and after the go-live to ensure success of the project.

“I have always been a firm believer in the concept of employee referrals. I think what ZALP brings to the table is absolutely great and I am excited about this alliance. I look at this as an opportunity to help organizations understand the true potential of employee referrals,” said Morgan Hoogvelt, managing partner  of Morgan HCM and partner with ZALP.

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