red checkmarkWhen was the last time your business evaluated its employee referral program? If it’s been awhile, do not fret; employee referral software provider, ZALP, has just what you need.

In association with, ZALP will host a FREE webinar to help businesses evaluate their employee referral programs to help employers make the most of their referral programs.

Speakers: Kevin Walters and Linda Brenner

Topic: Is Your Employee Referral Program as Good as You Think?

Time: Thursday, May 15, 2014, 2:00 pm ET

The company says its upcoming webinar will give a complete check list to ensure a successful employee referral program through a thorough analysis using key parameters.

It will also highlight action steps to consider for an effective employee referral strategy to source quality referrals.

Participants will learn about:

-Performance gaps and evaluation of referral programs

-Importance of educating your employees about employee referral benefits

-Strategies to ensure excellent referral hire quality and volume

If you are unable to attend on the upcoming webinar, ZALP has you covered. Upon registration, businesses will automatically receive a link to the webinar recording to view at their convenience.

Click here to reserve your spot today.

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