ZipRecruiter logoOnline job distribution service ZipRecruiter offers a new feature for job seekers to apply for open positions using their Monster accounts. Usually, job seekers would have to apply for jobs using an existing profile or completing a new profile through the site, but now ZipRecruiter has added the apply with Monster option, the first and only job board to offer this.

The new integration will make it faster and easier for job seekers to apply to jobs, because, even when using their pre-existing accounts elsewhere, they can still click a button on ZipRecruiter’s site and apply for a job. The company also already has options to apply with LinkedIn and Indeed accounts.

“The Monster Apply button has been an immediate success on ZipRecruiter,” Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter co-founder and CEO, said. “Out of the gate utilization rates are on par with both the Indeed and LinkedIn apply buttons. Clearly Monster has a lot of weight to throw around when it comes to job seekers.”

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