10 Career Blogs You Shouldn’t be Missing

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Colorful Eye LookingLooking to change careers? Do you need some advice  on how to land that fabulous new job?

A blog from an expert in careers can help you to find new ways to revamp your resume, find a new job, break into a new industry, wow a recruiter or anything else career related that you need to know. Finding and keeping the perfect job is a lot harder these days, so any edge that you can get on the jobs front can’t hurt.

Here is a rundown of 10 outstanding career blogs you shouldn’t be missing:

  • Lindsey Pollak: Next Generation Career Expert :  Lindsey Pollak uses her blog to give job search techniques to generation Y. Her experience as a spokesperson for LinkedIn gives her incredible knowledge of job searching and networking tips in the social networking age. She focuses on a number of topics from making the transition from college to a career to entrepreneurship for generation Y-ers.
  • Monster Thinking : Monster.com’s “Monster Thinking” blog covers a wide range of topics, from career development and personal branding to HR and Recruitment trends. This is a good blog to not only get some solid career advice, but to understand more about the recruitment and hiring process.
  • Maggie Mistal: Career Consultant : Radio host and career consultant Maggie Mistal offers insight and wisdom about finding new and exciting careers. She focuses a lot on thinking outside of the box for job ideas, as well as looks at various careers and whether they are good choices.
  • Brian Kurth :  This blog was created by Brian Kurth, a career transition expert and the founder of Vocation Vacations. He uses his experience to give tips and advice for those looking to jump ship and start a new career.
  • Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom :  Author Alexandra Levit’s blog is updated information and career advice for those who are in the working world and those who are just starting out. Recent topics include advancing your job skills to get the jobs that are out there and 15 Dos and Don’ts for better interviews
  • Penelope Trunk Blog :  As the founder of three startups, blogger Penelope Trunk gives real-world advice on starting your own business, as well as other career-related topics. She also discusses other issues facing everyone who is juggling work and life.
  • Unforgettable Brands Blog :  This blog, by Judy Winslow, explores growing your business and expanding your brand in this highly competitive world.
  • Adventures of the Job Search Ninja: A Blog by Todd Bavol :  Offers tips and advice for job seekers based on Todd Bavol’s more than 20 years of experience in HR, recruitment and as an entrepreneur.
  • Career Diva :  Eve Tahmincioglu is an award winning columnist and career author who gives practical and witty career suggestions on this top-rated careers blog.
  • JT and Dale Talk Jobs :  Written by two of the most respected authors in the career advice blogging world, J.T. O’Donnell and Dale Dauten write this column that appears in more than a hundred newspapers and have taken their tips and topics online with this blog.

Consult some of these blogs for more information about searching for your next career and all of the dos and don’ts of job searching. Blogs are a great way to get career tips and job advice… but perhaps more importantly, they can be a daily source for introspection and insight to advance your professional life.

By Marie Larsen