5 Benefits of Recruiter.com’s AI Talent Sourcing Tool

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According to some research , 98% of Fortune 500 companies use some type of recruitment software. If your company isn’t using some kind of recruiting software, you may fall behind and lose out on the best talent.

However, only 24% of businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) technology for talent acquisition. But about 56% of managers said they want to adopt this technology in the future.

Before you start using AI technology to source talent, you should do your research to find a tool that will work best for your company and provide as many advantages as possible.

That’s where Recruiter.com’s  AI sourcing tool  comes in. Keep reading to discover all the benefits you’ll get when you sign up for Recruiter.com’s talent sourcing solution.

1. Larger Pool of Qualified Candidates

One of the best advantages of using Recruiter.com’stool is that you’ll have access to a larger candidate pool. For example, if recruiters source qualified candidates only from LinkedIn, they’ll get a small percentage of quality candidates that are out there. You can also post a job description on a job board, but this will only attract passive candidates.

To attract passive and active candidates, you’ll need to use AI tools.

Recruiter.com’stool will pull candidates from thirty different sources and compile them into the algorithm. This employment data comes from company websites, such as GitHub and other career sources. Once all these candidates are compiled, the tool will build an ideal candidate profile for the open job you’re trying to fill. 

After that, the tool will scan all of the candidates in the database in order to find some that are best qualified for that position. This makes Recruiter.com different from other single-source providers.

2. Create an Ideal Candidate Profile

What also makes Recruiter.comdifferent is that most platforms will have you search for an ideal candidate using a keyword. The keyword will scan a database and then bring up the best candidates based on that keyword.

However, all the platforms match a keyword with someone in that job. But that isn’t always the best way to source candidates. You may find that the best candidate for the jobcan’t even be found with that keyword.

Recruiter.com’splatform creates an ideal candidate based on several criteria and input. Then, it matches actual candidates who fit those descriptions and would be a perfect fit for the position.

We can reveal more matches that may not have been obvious in the beginning through this method.

For example, if you’re looking for someone to work in marketing, a typical platform might search for people who have a marketing degree or experience in the field. However, someone with a degree in English or business might also have the expertise necessary to make them a good candidate for the position, andRecruiter.com’s platform can find those candidates.

3. Provide Outreach

Most machine learning recruitment sourcing tools also don’t provide outreach. Many companies will identify the candidates, and others will let you reach out to those candidates. Recruiter.com combines both aspects, so you don’t have to worry about managing different platforms.

This way, you get a complete and cohesive workflow directly to your hiring funnel.

With Recruiter.com’s outreach, once you find ideal candidates that you think would be a good fit for the specific job title, you can start sending them automated emails to recruit them.

This automation can help free up your time and help you focus on doing what you love about recruiting: connecting with people.

4. Saves Time

Xuan Smith, CTO of Recruiter.com, said that this software could also help recruiters save time:

“We found that recruiters are interested in talking to people and making that connection. A large portion of recruiting time is spent sourcing candidates, so what we do is automate that type of funnel sourcing so that recruiters can get back to what they care about, which is talking to candidates.”

When recruiters have more time during the recruitment processes to focus on their candidate connection, they’re more likely to provide a better candidate experience.

As we said earlier, searching with only a few keywords will give you a small pool of candidates that fit your keyword match. Instead, Recruiter.com’s AI will open that pool up, and you can expand that talent pool  even more.

You’ll find people who would be a good fit for the role but may not match the keywords that you would plug in.

For example, if you’re looking for a Java developer, you might realize that you can find suitable candidates by looking at qualified passive candidates that work at other tech companies. By figuring out what the company specializes in, the tool infers what skills those candidates might have and concludes they’d still be a good match for your open position.

5. Reduces Biases

This recruiting and sourcing platform will also help you remove bias from the recruiting process. Some research has shown that making a wrong hire based on unconscious biases can cost a company up to 75%  of that hire’s annual salary.

Smith says that “This software identifies people based on their work history, on how long they were at their job, and what their company does. However, we don’t consider education in our algorithm because we don’t find it to be a huge predictor of success.”

If the recruiting tool brings up a qualified candidate and a recruiting or hiring manager keeps saying they’re not qualified, you can use this to start asking questions about why they don’t think the candidate would be a good fit. By asking these questions, you can start to understand unconscious biases that might be hindering your talent acquisition process.

Learn More About Recruiter.com’s AI Software Today

These are only a few benefits of using Recruiter.com’sAI software, but there are many more that will help youimprove your recruiting solution .

Do you want to add these benefits into your hiring process to help your recruiting teams score top talent?

Contact us today to find a solution that fits your budget and process.


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By Alyssa Harmon