5 Hiring Experts on Their Favorite Hiring Software

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Welcome to Recruiter Q&A, where we pose employment-related questions to the experts and share their answers! Have a question you’d like to ask? Leave it in the comments, and you might just see it in the next installment of Recruiter Q&A!

Today’s Question: There are plenty of software solutions out there. From the trusty ATS, to psychometric assessments, to talent pipelining platforms and more, recruiters and HR pros have a whole fleet of tools at their disposal. What kind of hiring software do you use, and why is it important to your recruiting efforts?

pete1. HireVue Helps Us Make Hires Across the Country

At my company, we use HireVue to help us manage talent and our interviewing pipeline. Because we have tutors all over the United States, using HireVue’s video interviewing allows us to do our due diligence prudently, and that, in turn, allows us to make sure tutor quality is at the level we desire.

Pete Abilia, FindTutorsNearMe.com  

Ahmed2. With Recruiterbox, It’s Easy to Track Candidates

We use Recruiterbox because it makes it incredibly easy to distill a lot of information into searchable pieces. For example, Recruiterbox will automatically collect resumes from email attachments, then extract the relevant information from those resumes and create a candidate profile. This makes it very easy to track candidates.

Ahmed Elsayyad, Elsayyad Medical Group, LLC  

Glen3. LinkedIn’s Not Just a Social Media Platform

We use LinkedIn Recruiter as our primary ATS. We are able to keep notes on each candidate and track the overall candidate experience. This has been quite useful for us with returning applicants. We’re able to pull up the candidate’s file and learn about who interviewed them in the past and how far they went in our recruitment process. Having these insights is valuable when having a conversation with top talent. The impact LinkedIn has had on speed, quality, and cost in the period of just 24 months is amazing.

Glen Loveland, CCTV News  

Tara Walters4. Jazz Collects the Data We Need

We currently rely on a number of recruiting tools to source and access talent, but with that said, we probably rely on our ATS, Jazz.co, for most of our hiring needs. Jazz hosts a branded company page on our behalf. It also syndicates the open positions found on our company page across hundreds of job boards (both paid and unpaid) and tracks the number of applications, interviews, and hires we receive from each source. This is pretty standard stuff, but vitally important for monitoring the effectiveness of our job ads and assessing ROI for paid job ads.

Tara Walters, Wpromote  

Giang5. Recruitee’s Design Is Ace

Recruitee is my choice for three reasons:

First, the software acts as a central hub for all my recruiting activities. That’s a huge advantage. I can tailor my own recruiting funnel and control everything from there.

Second, the design is ace. It makes the difference when I have to stare at the system nine hours per day. That intuitive design also streamlines my recruiting workflow.

Third, the customer support is excellent.They listen to all your feedback and execute crazy fast. You can really count on these guys.

Giang Trinh, Present Plus  

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