5 Innovative Ways to Attract Top Talent for Your Company in 2022

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When we talk about attracting top talent in 2022, we have to understand that conventional recruiting methods will not work to attract people during their job search.

Employees are now becoming part of the great resignation. Due to the pandemic, the top talent now wants the perks of remote working.

Therefore, recruitment managers must find innovative ways to attract talent because job listings aren’t enough. These ways give the recruitment manager the right direction for attracting and hiring the right people. We will cover all the ways to innovate your hiring process.

Factors That Will Come into Play When Hiring New Talent 

The pay, benefits, and the ever-changing situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic are various factors that will come into play when hiring the best talent. Due to the pandemic, more and more employees are now shifting towards remote working since it offers them greater flexibility.


People around the world are now focusing on working remotely. It saves them time and money which they can spend with their family. And that is something recruiters need to focus on because it will likely stay for a long time, even after the pandemic is over.


Per thedata  collected, 60% of the workers have seen an increase in their productivity while working from home in 2021. And around 40% of them reported that their productivity has increased while working from home throughout the pandemic.

Therefore, the same hiring strategies used to work back in the day won’t do any good now. So, how can employers or recruitment managers deal with this problem? Here are some innovative ways to attract talent with the right skills.

1. Give Workplace Flexibility 

First and foremost, recruiters need to understand how the future workforce is looking for jobs that offer them greater flexibility to focus on their personal lives. Remote working gives many advantages to both employers and employees.

Companies had to adopt this new strategy to keep their business running while protecting their workforce from the disease. However, employers found themselves in a difficult situation when they asked existing employees to come back to the office.

PerGallup , nine in ten workers prefer remote working to stay. Therefore, having a remote working policy is imperative for recruitment managers.

While you still need to maintain a good reputation and excellent working environment/culture, top talent is now looking for a different thing in their new workplace: remote working. Recruitment teams can benefit from hiring people remotely in numerous ways, such as:

  • It will bring down the geographical boundaries
  • Recruitment managers will have a large pool of talent where they can hire people from anywhere with the right skills
  • Much easier to attract new talent on a lower salary with remote working
  • Overall remote working will increase the business productivity and bring down costs and other expenses

So the most innovative way to attract talent to your company is by offering remote work. Recruitment teams must understand the dynamics and how the talent pool will have top employees only looking for remote opportunities after some time.

2. Present a Positive Company Culture 

Another vital factor that remote employees are now looking at is the company’s culture. Though it was something that many people used to consider even before the pandemic, now it is more than easy to get an accurate picture of the workplace environment.

Potential talent can head over to any social media platforms to connect with your current or previous employees to learn about the company culture. In addition, they can also check out sites, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, to find out about the company’s reviews.

Therefore, recruitment teams need to work on showcasing a positive company culture across all channels. It is an innovative way to attract new talent since they can see how important values are for your company. As the current jo b market allows workers to have the upper hand, recruitment managers need to address the growing issue of the workplace environment.

Recruitment managers can play a decisive role in changing mindsets and perspectives to develop a better workplace environment. The change in the work environment requires measures beyond writing. You will have to create the momentum and set the right tone.

Furthermore, recruitment managers should identify the critical areas that are the root cause of the toxicity and negativity. You can fix those issues to eliminate the things that impact the work environment negatively. Then, you can focus on fostering connections and increasing cooperation.

In addition, recruitment managers also need to show the potential talent how they appreciate current employees delivering outstanding work. You can give well-performing employees certificates and post them on social media platforms. As a result, you will increase the chance of attracting the best talent.

Your company should also showcase how they retain employees and help them find a career path and offer professional development to reach their goals. When candidates feel like they have room to grow in one organization, they’re more likely to stay.

3. Create an Accurate and Authentic Employer Brand 

How do recruitment managers show their positive environment to the potential job candidates? The answer is through employer branding.

The changing ways of hiring top talent make it necessary for recruiting managers to incorporate new ideas. The market supply for the best talent with the appropriate skills is low, and if you want to get the top individuals by your side, you need to build an employer brand.

Many recruitment managers in different companies tend to overlook the employer branding part, even in this era. They don’t realize the potential of cultivating a reputation that can influence the potential candidates’ decision-making.

You need to understand that strong employer branding mandates genuineness. Showing a false image might help you attract and hire the employee, but you won’t be able to retain them.

As a result, it will increase the labor turnover, leading to the wastage of valuable resources, such as time and money. Here are some tips to help you create a strong brand reputation that won’t scare off your employees once you hire them:

  • Be sincere about the ups and downs of the company and the job you are hiring for
  • Establish faith to attract only the best-fitting people with the right skills to join your company
  • Spread awareness of the company’s history and encompassing culture
  • Give an honest insight about your company’s work culture and environment to the potential talent

Giving a prospective employee an accurate picture will help recruitment managers to hire the best talent with the right skills. Not only that, but it will also help them retain most employees.

4. Increase Your Emphasis on DEI 

DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion. The changing company events of the previous years have led to the talent pool considering places with a significant emphasis on the DEI. Therefore, many individuals are focusing on companies lauding the DEI initiative.

If recruitment managers want to attract the top talent for their company, they need to prioritize DEI initiatives in all core business operations. However, you need to ensure that your DEI endeavors are honest and have the best intention instead of only giving out for promotional purposes.

The recruitment manager should make DEI a cornerstone of the company. However, their endeavors should encourage a diverse workplace where everyone is equal. If you don’t back up your words with the right initiatives, it will present your company as inauthentic, and you will lose the trust of talent.

Genuine inclusivity and diversity initiatives can help businesses reap numerous benefits in the long term. Here are some ways to make sure your DEI initiatives are in the right intention

  • Have clear anti-discrimination policies which should be in your employee manual
  • Conduct regular meetings and seminars to tell your current employees about the benefits of inclusivity and multiculturalism
  • Discuss with your employees the new suggestions for increasing the DEI throughout the workplace

No matter what initiatives you take, your intentions should be clear. When potential employees see the company’s honest approach toward DEI, they are more likely to become a part of your team. Therefore, it is imperative for hiring managers to focus on DEI.

5. Increase the Pay Rate  

Last but not least, the rising inflation alone with different factors can make recruitment managers rethink the pay rate they are offering. Big brands in the retail industry, such as Target, are now giving higher wages per hour than before the pandemic.

But that is not just limited to the retail industry, since every other sector is not seeing potential job seekers demanding a higher salary. Moreover, the pandemic is shifting the customers towards purchasing things online, so companies are increasing automation in their operations.

Therefore, if you have wanted to hire the right talent with skills to adapt to rapid changes due to technological advancements, you should consider increasing the salary and benefits you are giving. However, to counter this issue, you can offer your employees the option of remote working.

As stated earlier, the pandemic is shifting the people’s perception since they are now willing to take on jobs with remote work. So, if your competitors are not allowing work from home, you can offer the talent remote working option as they are more likely to choose your company with the same salary.

Future of Recruiting Practices 

After 2020, technological changes within companies have skyrocketed. They are now focusing on giving the best customer experience to retain their clients. And they need the right talent by their side to ensure they make use of the new technologies and digital solutions in the right way.

Therefore, recruiting managers need to come up with new strategies to hire talents that can be helpful for the company in the future years. While businesses will still use strategies like hosting job fairs, the hiring process will have to evolve continuously with the rapid transformation of the companies.

Moreover, a vital point to consider is that recruitment teams and managers need to use the data correctly. By doing so, hiring managers can know about the changing labor market dynamics, resulting in the appropriate strategy to attract candidates.

Start Attracting Top Talent Today

Due to the pandemic and various other factors, the changing workforce dynamics make it imperative for recruiting managers to find innovative ways to attract talent. Employers in every industry face the heat due to the technological advancements coming into their business operations.

It is why recruiting managers are looking to find the best talent with the right skills to deal with the new changes in their relevant industry. With a scarcity of talent, you need to utilize the ways above to find the best individuals for your company.

To learn more about how you can attract top talent and keep the best candidates engaged in the long run, contact us at Recruiter.com.


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