5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Recruiter Should Make

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According to some research , there is a 90% recruiter turnover rate within the first year of starting the job.

After the chaos that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the job market, many recruiters are starting to feel burnt out. But the New Year can be a great time to start fresh, set new goals, and make resolutions. 

So what are some good resolutions or goals for recruiters to have? Keep reading to discover five resolutions that will take your recruiting skills to the next level.

1. Focus on Communication

Internal recruiters and hiring managers learned from 2021 that candidates want to be kept in the loop on the status of their applications. They also want to know what step comes next. 

If there are any delays in the hiring process, make sure that you let your candidate know. Something could impact the process that is beyond your control. However, your candidate should know about it. If they don’t, they might assume that you ghosted them and move forward with a different company.

Even if a hiring manager decides they don’t want to hire a candidate, you need to relay that information. Being a recruiter can be demanding and busy, and it’s easy to forget to reply to every candidate. But with the New Year, now is the perfect time to try and update your process. 

According to one survey , 94% of candidates want feedback on how they did in the interview. But only 41% of candidates say that they have received feedback. To network and connect with qualified candidates, taking a little bit of time to offer input could benefit the recruiter and the candidate.

The best way to make sure you meet this goal is to set a routine that you’ll follow every day. Try setting aside an hour or two each day to follow up with candidates. Do it whenever you have time in your schedule, but most recruiters find it helpful to do it in the morning. 

2. Use Creativity

When you work in recruitment, you probably know that the recruitment process doesn’t change much. You’ll post a job opening, screen resumes, do a telephone interview, possibly set up other interviews, and either hire or reject candidates.

While this might sound simple, it can be complicated and competitive quickly. With The Great Resignation and a competitive candidates’ market, you’ll need to find ways to enhance your recruitment process. 

This is where you can use some of your creativity. Brainstorm ideas on how to keep great talent engaged. Find new ways to source the right talent, learn new tools, or try networking on new social media platforms. 

To do that, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone in the recruiting process. Keep an eye on your competition and see what other professional recruiters are doing in their process. How can you do something that will set you apart?

It could be finding a new predictable candidate pipeline, implementing an internal candidate referral program, or successfully reaching out to passive candidates.

3. Find Ways to Save Money and Time

While many recruiters received an increased HR budget  to prepare for hiring in 2022, HR professionals are finding that there’s less time to spend hiring when so many open roles are out there.

But there are many different strategies to help you save money and time. It would be best to calculate how much you’re currently spending on your recruitment process and how much you are comfortable spending. This will help you track your budget and make sure that you’re using the budget as best as possible.

Try using that budget to invest in some new HR technology. There are so many different tools that will help save you time. Do some research to find the right tools for your process. You might want to get an ATS, automatic scheduling, virtual assistants, or AI talent acquisition software .

Take a look at your current costs as well. Are you advertising job openings in the wrong place? Are you spending time sourcing more candidates on the wrong social media platform? The New Year is the perfect time to change and work on a new strategy!

4. Find New Ways to Source Job Seekers

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, you could try hosting an open job interview. This can be a great way to handle a lot of candidates all at once. 

You might want to include something fun or exciting to do in these events. If you can find a creative way to bring the right candidates in, you’ll have a larger pool of talent to choose from to find the right candidate for an open role.

You can also look for other job boards where you can network with others who have a recruiting specialty and talk to new candidates. Some niche job boards might help you fill a specialized role.

However, job boards have one flaw. They only attract job seekers who are actively looking for the next job. Many passive candidates could be ready for a switch if presented with the right job. 

To attract passive candidates, you’ll need to find them and manage them. Drive them to your website or social media profile. Post content that is relevant and engaging. Do anything you can to connect, build a relationship. 

This will start creating a foundation where you could turn them into potential candidates. 

5. Focus on Diversity

According to Recruiter.com’s 2022 recruiting predictions , diversity will remain an essential focus for candidates. To recruit more candidates, you’ll need to find ways to remove any unconscious bias and focus on hiring diversity.

Unconscious bias doesn’t always have to be about race, gender, or age, but it could also be hiring people that have similar traits to you or like the same things as you. It’s normal to bond with people similar to you, but you need to take a step back to look at the candidate objectively.

Are they suitable for the job even if you have things in common? There are a few ways that you can have help to focus on diversity and remove your unconscious bias.

You can find sourcing software to help you find candidates from a wide range of sources. You can use resume screening software to remove biases when initially screening candidates. You can have virtual interviews to hire people from all over the world. 

How Recruiter.com Can Help

Are you a recruiter who needs help reaching these goals or working on your resolution? 

Recruiter.com is here to help. We can help, whether it’s providing you with more valuable information, helping you find new opportunities, or helping you with tools to enhance your process.

Contact us today  to see how we can help you!


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By Alyssa Harmon