5 Obvious Interview Mistakes

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Sand TrapWhen it comes to the art of interviewing – there’s no end to the number of rules to remember. There are interview tips and tricks on nearly every aspect of the process. With a head full of interview strategies, it’s easy to forget about the basics – the professional and social nuances we take for granted because they’re so simple. In trying to think of all the right things to do, we often forget about the little things NOT to do. Here are a few reminders:

Don’t forget to clean yourself up: First impressions are incredibly important and personal hygiene is the cornerstone of any successful interview. Remember to shower, dress to impress, and look in a mirror before you run off and try to convince the world you’re worth hiring. At the same time, be careful not to overdo it. Stay away from massive amounts of cologne and perfume so you don’t send your interviewer coughing from the room.

Don’t leave your phone on: Before you go into the interview make sure your phone is off. Check it again to make sure. Rifling through your purse or fumbling around in your pocket sends a clear warning sign to your interviewer that you don’t value their time and you lack an attention to detail.

Don’t be late: Showing up late to your interview is just as disrespectful as leaving your phone on. If you can’t make it to the interview on time, will you ever show up to work on time? Don’t give your hiring manager cause for concern. Make sure you walk through the door exactly three minutes before the interview – being too early for your interview isn’t good either!

Don’t appear disinterested: You should be bursting with enthusiasm for this great opportunity in front of you. Show it. Treat every interview as if someone offered you a million dollars. No one wants to hire a bored employee. Your mood sets the tone for all your future actions.  

Don’t expect a decision: The savvy job seeker knows there won’t be an immediate answer on whether you got the job or not. Hiring managers need time to compare applicants and assess the needs of their company. While you’re expected to be patient as you wait to hear back, you should exercise your right as a job seeker to pursue other job opportunities in the meantime. Don’t think it’s time to sit back and relax – similar to the interview itself, job seeking is an ongoing process.

Often times in our exhaustive interview preparation, we overlook the fundamental steps in lieu of the latest tips and tricks. Don’t leave common sense at the door. Run through a mental checklist of the basics before you tackle the big stuff. Good luck!

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