5 Reasons You Need a Staffing Firm

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Are more time, a deeper hiring pool, and more qualified candidates important to your Human Resources department? We’ll wait while you give three resounding “Yes!” replies.

Hiring a new employee is sort of like picking out an engagement ring. In both cases, you browse through a variety of choices before making the perfect choice.

However, unlike the act of picking out an engagement ring, finding and hiring the perfect candidate to fill a position takes a lot of time and manpower. Many HR departments and senior managers don’t have the time and resources they need to really make sure the hiring process runs smoothly.

When this is the case, HR departments and hiring managers can turn to staffing firms to help. In doing so, they can not only save time, but also gain access to a deeper, more qualified talent pool – a total win.

If your business is a startup or striving to get to the next tier of venture capital financing, you can often benefit from leveraging your internal leadership team’s network to build a your initial pool of employees. By turning to people with whom your leaders have worked successfully to build profitable ventures in the past, you can assemble a “boots on the ground” team to get your company off the ground.

However, hiring in this fashion is difficult to scale, and in order to meet your financial goals, you’re going to need a pool of candidates who can step in and make an immediate difference.

This is where a staffing firm can step in and help. Not sure if a staffing firm is right for you? Check out these five benefits that staffing firms can bring your business today:

1. More Effective Sourcing

The best and most attractive candidates won’t be posting their resumes on job boards. They know that the best time to look for a new job is when you don’t need one. Select talent is also highly selective. A staffing firm stays in touch with its candidate base and knows when someone is seeking a new job before their resume ever touches the Internet.

2. Get in Touch With Your Competition’s Top Talent

Sure, you may have an in-house recruiter, but they’re going to have a difficult time scoping out the talent at your competitors’ offices. This is especially key when trying to source for and fill higher-level roles.

An external recruiting firm, on the other hand, will have a much easier time calling and emailing the employees of your competitors. They can talk with candidates during lunch hours, after business hours, or on weekends. Given that they are external recruiters, they will probably raise fewer suspicious eyebrows than your own in-house recruiters would, meaning they can chat with the competition in peace.

3. Sell Your Brand Better

An external recruiting firm sells your company and your opportunity. Industries are small, and people know each other. Often, a candidate will demur from pursuing an opportunity at a given company if they have heard something negative about that company.

A third-party recruiter from a staffing firm will have an easier time convincing reluctant candidates to give your company a shot. Whereas candidates may not trust your in-house recruiters, they’ll be more likely to speak frankly with third-party recruiters. Staffing firm recruiters can, in turn, dispel any myths or rumors the candidate may have heard about your organization.

4. Better Negotiations

BridgeCandidates find it easier to talk with headhunters than companies about their salaries. They can test the waters of their desired compensation levels without concern that the company will deem them over- or underqualified as a result. Companies, meanwhile, can hold firm in their offers without worrying that they may offend the candidate.

5. 360-Degree Feedback

Headhunters can act as additional ears to the ground. A good headhunter will follow up with each candidate after placement to gather feedback. Concerns that might otherwise go undiscussed can be communicated directly to the company. The company can then address those concerns and set the new hire up for success – and a lengthy tenure at the organization.

A version of this post originally appeared at HirePerfect.com.

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Melissa Cooper is the cofounder and managing partner of HirePerfect and the author of Freelance Nation. A dual-certified HR professional holding both SPHR and PHR designations, Melissa has ten years of executive recruiting experience and over eight years of entrepreneurship experience, having both founded and successfully sold companies. She is a graduate of New York University.