5 Reasons You Need Recruiting Software

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recruiting softwareThese days you need software for everything. From accounting to document sharing, there is a solution for every small gap in your business operations. But, you may be wondering whether you actually need to invest in recruiting software or not. So, if you can’t seem to decide, get five reasons to say yes.

Collaboration between Departments

Although the marketing department may be hiring a lead advertising writer, doesn’t mean the marketing team is the only one to have a say in who gets the job. In any business, departments rely on one another to be successful. Therefore, when it comes to hiring the right candidate, it’s important everyone is in on the decision – which is where your software comes in handy.

  • Sharing information: Most systems allow you to have multiple users, all of whom can browse through candidates’ files, give and leave notes, and stay up to date on which candidates are making the right impression.

Efficient Job Posting

Despite the economy, your job posting is still only one of thousands on each site, making it hard to strand out to qualified candidates.  Instead of arbitrarily posting open positions on a site, take advantage of a branded career site.

  • Custom recruiting: Not only might you get custom work flows and applications, but some programs assist you in creating a custom hiring website, as well. Fully branded with your logo, you can be sure people know who you are and why they want to work there.

Recruiting At All Hours

While you can be spreading the word of job openings at all times via social media, word of mouth and email signatures, having access to your recruiting software outside the office can be more beneficial.

  • Immediate scheduling: Instead of taking a business card and hoping you remember their qualifications after a few cocktails get cloud software and input the information immediately after your interaction. Not only will you remember, but others can see the new candidate right away, as well.

Use Better Applications

While you can make up a standard application or purchase a template for minimal, important positions and executive candidates might require a more specific application process. Instead of spending time and money designing it yourself, your recruiting software can do it for you.

  • Custom applications: Take their standard applications and customize to your business needs. Their expertise, partnered with your business specifications will make for a complete application.

More Candidates

While your budget may allow for a number of accounts with job posting sites, it’s easy to refer to the free ones. And though it’s light on your budget, you may not be getting the quality applicants you are looking for.

  • Partnerships: Often times recruiting software companies will partner with big name job sites giving you an easy in. You can take advantage of this and get a higher level pool of candidates to interview with.

While your recruitment process could get away without software, it’s important to consider the many benefits that come along with it. From posting on job sites to attracting the best candidates, it seems as though there are more positives than negatives.

By Jessica Sanders