5 Ways Businesses Can Use Custom Gear to Boost Their Brands and Unite Employees

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Businesses large and small are always looking for ways to build their brands and raise awareness of their services, all while cultivating close-knit and satisfied staffs. From outfitting the crew and welcoming new employees to maintaining a collaborative work environment, custom apparel and accessories are simple ways to help build brand visibility and create a sense of community in the workplace.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by purveyor of customized products CustomInk found that nearly 90 percent of the company’s customers feel custom apparel or accessories have a positive impact on employee enthusiasm or morale.

Here are five simple ways that custom products can help unite employees and boost brand awareness:

1. New Employee Welcome Kits

There’s nothing like a company welcome kit to make a new employee feel right at home. In the CustomInk survey, 84 percent of respondents found it important to include custom products in the employee onboarding process, though only 15 percent of customers said they offer welcome kits to new employees. Take your onboarding experience to the next level with branded apparel, office supplies, and tech accessories that show off your company logo in a fun and engaging way.

2. Company Anniversaries and Notable Celebrations

What better way to honor the hard work of valued team members than with custom gear that shows off the fruits of their labor? Whether the team has launched a new product or exceeded a major sales milestone, celebrate such accomplishments and show appreciation with unique gear to mark the occasion. Not only will team members be honored by such a gesture, but they can continue to show their pride when sporting that product again and again.

3. Branded Gear or Uniforms

Whether your workforce is out in the field or at the office, staff uniforms can be an essential and functional element that helps get the job done. Nearly 50 percent of the businesses surveyed said that uniforms are the products they are most likely to order. Branded gear worn by employees on the job is fundamental to building brand awareness among new and existing clients.

4. Promotional Products and Giveaways for Customers

Whether employees are presenting at key client meetings or exhibiting at industry trade shows, branded products can build deeper relationships with customers and help a business stand out from the competition. Water bottles, tote bags, and portable chargers featuring your company logo can make for great giveaway items, and they can help promote your brand long after the meeting or event has come to a close.

5. Customer Appreciation Gifts

Say thank you to your loyal clients with custom gifts. Whether you’re wrapping up a successful year’s work or finishing up a long-term project, custom gear is a great way to show customers your appreciation. Travel mugs, outerwear, and notebooks are all useful gifts that, when branded with your company logo or slogan, will remind your clients or customers of your strong relationship and great work.

Amanda Hanlon is the director of merchandising at CustomInk.

Amanda Hanlon is the director of merchandising at CustomInk.