5 Ways to Maximize your Job Search

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Woman erasing average and good and writing excellentYou are ready for a career. Maybe it is your first, maybe it is a new one. Either way, it’s time to start searching for that perfect job opportunity. Now you are scared.

Most of us will come to that moment at one, if not more than one, point in our lives. It can be incredibly intimidating to look out into the world and think to yourself, “There’s a career out there for me, I just have to find it.” Fortunately, finding a career does happen. If it didn’t, no one would be working. There are simply ways that you must go about searching for your next opportunity in order to find the career that will be the best fit for you.

Here are some tips for maximizing your job search efforts:

1. Don’t Neglect Your Cover Letter

Some people spend all of the time and attention focused on their resumes and basically slap together a cover letter at the last moment. This can be detrimental to job search success. This is the hiring person’s opportunity to get to know you and your skills a bit better. Having a polished, well-written cover letter will make you stand out against your competition.

2. Tweet About It

Social media is truly the wave of the future. Twitter, in particular, has become extremely popular with companies and professionals who are seeking networking opportunities and the chance to showcase skills, expertise and knowledge in a format other than a resume or cover letter. Being on Twitter will also let you connect with potential employers and find out about opportunities as soon as they arise.

3. Build Your Personal Brand 

You know exactly what Frigidaire is and you easily recognize the shape of a Coke bottle. This is the result of branding, which is essential for growing a following—and this includes following from potential employers.

4. Google Yourself

Run a quick Google search and see what pops up. Then go through and produce quality, positive content that will come up during another search of your name. Content is crucial, and you want it to be positive, but make sure that it is honest and verifiable. If you aren’t skilled at producing written content and are willing to put a little money into the process, you can hire a ghostwriter to develop content for you.

5. Be a Part of the Blogosphere

Blogs are an extremely popular way of sharing information on the Internet. Creating a blog is an amazing way for you to develop an Internet presence and also to quickly offer vital information to companies that you may be interested in working with whenever they would like to find out. Blogging gives you the chance to really generate interest and share thoughts on the topics that are applicable to your field, which can draw in the attention of potential employers as well.

Having a blog means keeping the content fresh, innovative and thought-provoking at all times. This is another opportunity in which hiring a ghostwriter could be highly beneficial. Simply provide him or her with the information that you want discussed and posts will be written for you to post as you deem fit.

By Marie Larsen