9 Simple Yet Effective Social Media Recruiting Tactics That Can Take You Ahead Of Your Competitors

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Did you know that nearly 92% of employers use social media for recruiting new talent today? Social media is playing a decisive role in recruiting. As a recruiter, you will benefit from directing your recruiting efforts on social media platforms.

If you have yet to sort out an actionable social media plan that takes your recruiting results to the next level, you must start now. Keep reading for the best tips on how to set up this solution.

What Does Social Media Recruiting Entail?

Social media recruiting is the method that recruiters use to hire new candidates for their workforce, and it uses several social media platforms to find them. In this instance, the high-traffic platforms are talent databases that recruiters use to find worthy and interested people. Many job seekers use social media to look for job postings.

To support this claim, Jobvite conducted research, which showed that 41% of young job-seeking respondents explained that they are most likely to use social media when seeking new job opportunities. Social recruitment can therefore include advertising job positions through crowdsourcing or HR vendors.

You can come across venues where job seekers and recruiters share potential job openings for recruiters on social media platforms. It is the act of identifying, engaging, and attracting passive and active jobseekers by utilizing social networks. Recruiters can check the social media profiles of potential candidates and get an idea of their personality and what they are seeking.

The Approach to Social Recruiting 

There are broad ways that recruiters can use social media and online platforms. The first way is to see the internet and all social media websites like an extensive database. There are two million profiles online today that you can search. These include twitter profiles, Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

You can also search for keywords that include job titles and more. The most straightforward way to find people online and get recruiting results is by using the search engines provided on the platforms. The second way is to consider the influencing piece of social media. More than half of your time is spent on social media websites.

Therefore, if you have an online marketing strategy, it should involve social media. The third often overlooked element consists of using social media tools to communicate. You have to send a message back and forth, which allows you to think about social media as a messaging platform. These three areas can help you navigate the social media world as a recruiter.

Social media recruitment is different because it allows the recruiters to connect with critical candidates by directly engaging with them. This is an aspect that you cannot do by using other recruitment methods. Below, you will find the simple but effective social recruiting tactics that lead to perfect hires.

Social Media Recruiting Tactics that will Take You Ahead in the Market

1. Build Your Company’s Online Reputation 

Your company needs to have a great online reputation. It would be best if you built your brand in a way that captures the appeal of the people. When job seekers look at your company’s online profile, they should be excited to work for you without hesitation. You need to have a diverse branding and marketing approach to do this.

Your brand should be an updated and authoritative voice in the field you’re recruiting for. You have to target customers when marketing and cater to potential job seekers. Today, the millennial generations are much concerned with connecting emotionally with the purchases they make. This means that sentiment has a significant role to play when trying to reach online traffic.

Sharing content and information that highlights your company in a great light can be critical when trying to attract candidates organically. You also have to consider companies that consistently end up in discussions. These companies have a different work environment and offer outstanding and competitive benefits to their employees. Do you have the capacity to match them?

2. Use Video Content 

Once you develop your brand’s worthy social media presence on all the different social media platforms, you must be willing to amplify your engagement with the audience. One of the impactful methods of boosting engagement is video.

According to recent research, social media users are much more likely to engage with video content than any other media type.Additionally, 52% of marketing professionalsuse video content to get a maximum return on investment. They agree that it offers the best return on investment. Good video content is also a form of shareable media, which means that it generates more traffic in your recruitment drive. Increasing involvement can also be proactive, and you can recommend users share your post on their platforms.

Once a person shares the content on their social media platform, this acts as a personal recommendation. You cannot undermine the power of a personal suggestion. Additionally, social media shares are an incredible way to make new hires.

According to a study, the content that employees share receives about eight times more engagement than the content a brand will share. Nonetheless, you have to make sure that you have a social media policy that all the employees understand.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups 

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable sources for social recruitment.According to a report, about 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to hire potential candidates. About 55% of the users utilize Facebook, and about 47% of recruiters utilize Twitter. For this reason, you have to optimize your Linkedin profile as a necessity when trying to recruit. However, optimizing profiles on other platforms will increase your odds of getting good hires.

There are many specialized communities on LinkedIn groups where job seekers are actively trying to engage with others to find a relevant job. This is why you need to seek them out, and if you are hiring salespeople, you can join the groups for sales and associations to attract the top salespeople.

Networking is critical when recruiting the right people. This is where LinkedIn becomes an essential tool. The platform allows you to know more about the candidates, and once you become familiar with them, you can make your life easier by attracting the right individuals.

4. Try Different Strategies 

LinkedIn is not the only avenue where you can find success. This is why you should attempt several strategies for social recruitment to have marketing that caters to each platform. Keep in mind that one size does not fit all. What may work for Twitter will have the same results on other social media platforms.

All the different social media platforms consist of different audiences, and each of them is to be used in a specific way when increasing engagement. For this reason, you must be creative in how you promote your hiring procedure and job opportunity. The game of social media recruiting is a game of experiments, and you have to test each social media recruitment strategy on different platforms and see which one produces the best results.

5. Share Good Quality Content

If you post and share content regularly, make sure that the content you share is authorized and not spam. Good content manifests engagement amongst the users. Social media marketing and recruiting will fail if you are not uploading content that people do not want to discuss with their friends. The point of being social is that you are introducing content that entertains the public.

Entertainment is not the only goal, however. Your content should also be of some value to the people if you want to set a firm foot in the field. Providing value will require you to include content from which a person can not only get entertained but also informed. Overall, your content must be engaging and valuable. You can also use popular formats to increase audience engagement.

6. Advertise

Due to its capabilities of targeting the audience, social media advertising can work wonders in the recruiting process. Unlike traditional advertising, where you are trying to find success at random, social media advertising allows you to filter out the people that you do not want to target.

To truly add power to your social media campaign and recruiting strategy, you should be able to use tools to refine your social media recruiting campaign. Another thing that will benefit you includes adding measurable KPIs when formulating ads.

7. Build a Community that Shares Company Culture

Do not spam your audience with subpar content and give them something to engage with. Building a community of like-minded people will require you to start a conversation and make your employer’s brand appealing to the people. About 47% of employers revealed that the most significant reason they left their previous company was that they did not appreciate its culture. For this reason, you have to make sure that your social media portrays and values the company culture that most of the employees appreciate.

8. Direct Message Potential Candidates 

When implanting an effective social recruiting tactic, direct messages can be vital to approaching people that will become a part of your talent pool. When coming to them, you have to make sure that you talk to them about your company and list the benefits and potential opportunities of working with your company.

Recruiters must be proactive if they want to see results using social media. Direct messaging is one of the only examples of being proactive. Focus your recruitment efforts on reaching out to your audience instead of simply waiting for them to come to you.

9. Use Hashtags 

Simply by including hashtags in your content, you can increase engagement significantly. However, by using the hashtags, you will not be able to witness its power. Instead, you have to ensure that the hashtag you use has good reach and discussion behind it. To judge that, you have to check how many people are currently using it. Other aspects that you will have to note are the geography and demographic of the hashtag.

Overall, if the hashtag is not reaching your audience, it is redundant, and you are better off losing it. Alternatively, if the hashtag you use is popular, then your message can get lost in the large influx of discussions surrounding that hashtag. When using hashtags for events and jobs, you can find great success depending on how you use them.

For example, the national public radio in the US often uses #NPR. They encourage their users to tweet and post the NPR hashtag to post whatever they want. The kind of content that gets posted includes pictures of employees visiting NPR or working at NPR.

They turn this around in a recruiting context when somebody comes to discuss their working environment with them. This allows them to direct the interested recruit to their hashtag on social media. By doing so, the potential hire can see what it is like to work for them. It validates working with NPR with the help of many employees and associates instead of just an HR manager.

Key Takeaway

You must understand that social media recruiting is an ongoing process. Think of it as marketing and try to get better at it with every new step you take. That’s the only way you can excel at it going forward.

Our extensive network of highly experienced and qualified recruitment professionals spread across the US will be happy to guide you in your journey to land the best potential employees and help you build a strong employer brand. We also have a powerful AI sourcing tool that can help you find and identify the best talent.

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