Automated Resume Builder, RESUMAX, Released by

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(e.g. logo The new resume-building solution, RESUMAX, is a pioneering service that gives job-seekers the ability to instantly measure the impact of a resume through a score received based on industry standards. Users are also provided detailed feedback with resume-specific improvement recommendations. RESUMAX is the first online solution offering instant and customized feedback and scoring services that show exactly where and how to improve a resume to get the most attention from hiring managers.

The solution is designed around standard resume best practices and uses core-competence algorithms based on world-class resume writing criteria sourced from a variety of recruiters and top companies. RESUMAX allows for resume benchmarking from within a pool of resumes used to accurately calculate and assign an objective “Rscore.” Rscores are based on the three core areas of overall resume presentation, impact of resume content, and soft skills assessment as represented in the resume.

Amit Jain, head of business at commented, “Resumes are the core of any jobseekers profile, however recruiters are increasingly spending less and less time filtering through candidate resumes. It is therefore imperative for jobseekers to have resumes that pop! We are excited to introduce the unique RESUMAX solution to help jobseekers build world-class resumes that can clear the 30-second scan test.”

Salil Pande, CEO of VMock, TimesJobs’ technology partner on the RESUMAX project, said, “Our instant resume feedback platform has been used by students from hundreds of institutions including premium institutions like BITs, IITs and IIMs to perfect their resumes, and we are now excited to be launching Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled World’s First Automated Resume Building Platform with such a powerful partner. We are confident that TimesJobs’ users will find the RESUMAX Solution to be quick, easy and insightful.”


By Joshua Bjerke