BambooHR’s HRIS Software to Sync with Cornerstone Growth Edition, Unifies TM and HRIS Systems

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BambooHR syncs with Cornerstone Leading online HR software provider BambooHR and cloud-based talent management solutions provider Cornerstone OnDemand have announced a collaboration to integrate BambooHR’s SaaS with Cornerstone Growth Edition. Syncing the platforms will provide organizations, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, with a centralized solution for management, developing, and maintaining workforces.

“We are excited to collaborate with Cornerstone,” said Ben Peterson, CEO and co-founder of BambooHR. “With so many customers asking for this, it’s rewarding to provide the API integration between two HR software systems that free up companies to invest the time they need to build and maintain a great workforce. It’s an added bonus to work with a like-minded company that cares as much as we do about culture, employees, and building an exceptional customer experience.”

Cornerstone Growth edition is social HR software for employee growth and development and includes tools for performance and learning management. Through integration with BambooHR, users have a single sign-on portal for access to Cornerstone. Updates to employee information made within BambooHR will automatically be made within Cornerstone and manual sync allows new employees added to either solution to be simultaneously copied and shared between the systems.

“We’re thrilled to work with BambooHR to enable a centralized, integrated experience for our clients,” said Dave Mortell, VP of channel management for Cornerstone OnDemand. “The sharing of information between the two systems will not only create HR efficiencies and improve accuracy of employee records, it also will make it easier for business leaders to get a more holistic view of their workforce. This can help organizations to be smarter and more strategic in how they are managing, developing and engaging their people.”


By Joshua Bjerke