Better Engagement for Employees Who Use WorkSimple

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NewsFor companies looking for better engagement from their employees, WorkSimple is able to help with talent management by offering a social platform for goals, recognition, and feedback. Once customers are up and running data is automatically imported with all goals and customer data transported fast and easy. Employees can track their goals and accomplishments and can receive feedback from everyone in the workplace. They can also invite peers, create groups, and follow others. It focuses on social engagement, with the ability to share goals on LinkedIn.

According to Morgan Norman, CEO and co-founder of WorkSimple, “The SAP SuccessFactors acquisition is a losing proposition for companies that have less 10,000 employees, virtual workers, or a Gen Y workforce. These companies and their employees need a SuccessFactors alternative, a performance management platform that works the way they do — agile, innovative, collaborative, and results-driven. Many human resources executives and C-level executives have told us that SuccessFactors doesn’t move the engagement needle. With the WorkSimple platform, however, 53 percent of employees are highly engaged, providing significant ROI.”

The new system offers greater engagement from employees, better coaching from managers and more productive leadership. Ben Moore, CTO, adds, ““SuccessFactors is a system you log into because you have to, not because you want to. That goes for both managers and employees. We don’t think it has to be that way. We designed WorkSimple to be beneficial to everyone in a company and not just for a single legal process to remove under-performers. Why can’t everyone else feel good about their performance? That’s why we built WorkSimple.”

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