Can Gamification Turbo Boost Hiring?

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Businessman in chair with shooting arrow There is a new sheriff in town when it comes to motivating hiring teams, and it’s called gamification. Gamification is the process by which you use game mechanics to help motivate individuals and help teams perform. You set goals, display performance on league tables, give out badges and reward and recognize winners.

Gamification, as you may all know, has been around for some time, but it’s been wandering a little aimlessly knocking on doors, desperately searching for someone to take in the concept.

Well, it seems that the market is warming a little as gamification has been finding its way into areas such as onboarding and most notably in the areas of sales where they have exploited the competitive nature of the sales professional and environment.

Of course, agency recruitment is very similar to a sales environment and so would benefit from gamification. And because in-house recruiting is so task-and-goal orientated it too could benefit from this unique strategy.

In truth, chalkboard gamification has been around for some time in sales teams, but what these new sales gamification tools do is take the old chalkboard-based sales contest to a new level, using online social technologies. Because in the past, these sales contests were generally focused around ranking sales performance alone, which can make the sales environment a little, shall I say cut-throat, and it can also mean that sales people won’t collaborate as well with others and may not learn new sales skills.

The gamification tool allows you to use game theory to drive revenue through increased competition, but also to drive other key behaviors such as adoption of new ATS or CRM systems, or increasing involvement in a new process or training program.

I believe these sales gamification tools now have a place in the sales and objectives focused agency recruitment environment, and I also think it works in the corporate recruiting environment as these teams are also very objective/target driven. This could be a great way to motivate corporate hiring teams as well.

So, if you can see the potential value of gamifying hiring teams and want to take the first steps to do so, you should take a look at the list below of the three big players in the sales gamification software marketplace.

1. CallidusCloud -The tool in question is called MySalesGame. This comes with a 30-day free trial and price comes after consultation. This system helps to reward behaviors that lead to more sales, such as sending out quotes, attending client meetings, or spending time prepping for a meeting. It features leagues tables, badges and prizes to motivate your sales to team sell and engage in behaviors that will lead to more sales.

2. Hoopla Net -This is another sales gamification tool that incorporates prizes, leader boards and rewards into an interactive online system to help drive revenue, revenue generating behavior and learning within your sales team. They emphasize that the tool contributes to an environment of friendly competition.

3. Bunchball -Nitro and Nitro Salesforce is another powerful sales force gamification tool that allows you to easily create and assign challenges to staff based on role, location, previous behavior, etc., and you can monitor performance and create a sense of competition with leader boards, badges and rewards.

Good luck with gamifying your hiring process!

By Kazim Ladimeji