Certain States on the Right Track for Jobs

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Looking back from June 2010 to June 2011, 7 states are reporting significantly lower unemployment rates, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in a recent press release. An additional 11 states have minor decreases in unemployment. As of June this year, 26 states have an unemployment rate lower than the national average of 9.2 percent.

Nevada experienced the largest decrease over the year, with a 2.5 drop in unemployment. Michigan had the second largest jobless rate decline at 2.1 percent. Indiana ranked a close third with a 2.0  percent.

Even with these significant decreases, 6 states have recorded higher unemployment rates than the national average and 18 states have rates that were not substantially different from that of the nation.

“Nevada continued to register the highest unemployment rate among states, 12.4 percent in June. California had the next highest rate, 11.8 percent. North Dakota reported the lowest jobless rate, 3.2 percent, followed by Nebraska, 4.1 percent, and South Dakota, 4.8 percent., the B.L.S. confirmed”

Of the 18 States seeing an increase in employment, the largest gains were found in Texas, with 220,000 jobs added. California acquired 157,00 jobs and Ohio and Illinois added 72,400 and 59,000 respectively.

As state employment numbers continue to climb – slowly, we should remember that economic recovery takes time, and the process is littered with speed bumps. While no quick fix solutions are available, significant progress has been made since our nation’s last recession, and the economic outlook for the next few months suggests increased employment activity.

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