CKR Interactive Celebrates Eleventh Anniversary and Launches new HR Product Line

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ckrIn celebration of its eleventh anniversary on April 1, 2012, recruitment marketing agency CKR Interactive has launched three new solutions to optimize recruitment efforts and return on investment. The new product line is aimed at taking on some of the most frequently troublesome issues faced by HR professionals in the realms of recruitment and employee retention. Deployee helps employers to identify and develop employees most suitably fit for their organization; Cloner gives HR personnel the ability to “clone” their top employees through a type of in-house referral and development system; ReTension helps decrease employee turnover, specifically within an organization’s top talent population.

“We’re quite proud of this product line,” said Curtis Rogers, CKR’s CEO and President. “While it was frustrating that it took my developers this long to finish their work, I’m very happy with the outcome and I know our clients will be too.”

The philosophy behind the three-tiered approach is one of creating quality employees instead of searching for them which, in turn, lowers recruitment time and costs and decrease the need for internal communications. While the availability of the new products is currently limited due to demand, Rogers said, “We’ve received so many requests for these products that we have a waiting list for the next year, but we’re in the process of cloning more resources to speed up the installation process.”

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