Companies in Talent Management Survey Report They are Focused on Learning Programs

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newsIn a recent online survey, talent-optimization company Global Novations found that talent management investment continues to shrink, on average, but pushes for leadership training, self-paced, and blended learning were all up over instructor-led learning and more modern 3D (immersive) methods. A growing awareness was also noted in the importance of managing skills in a multi-generational workforce.

The top talent management priority for 2012 was revealed to be that of developing next-generation leaders. The category supplanted 2011’s top priority of addressing skill gaps for critical roles. Most participants saw leadership development as a primary developmental focus for 2012, along with the development of critical skills for managers (such as coaching and performance management). The largest talent management challenge for the year was reported to be that of managing multiple generations in the workforce, chased closely by the issue of the emergence and advancement of women in the workforce. Companies with centrally-developed diversity and inclusion strategies were up in 2012 over 2011 at 55 percent and 46 percent, respectively.

The new year has also seen gains in the number of companies opting for virtual instructor-led training, online self-paced, and blending training methods for formal learning programs. Immersive 3D training methods are not currently being used by the majority of companies. Investment in social and web-based informal learning programs are at 2011 levels or above. Learning programs of this type include social networking, blogs, online forums, and the like.

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