Coronavirus Resource List: What Your Business Needs to Know About Navigating COVID-19

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With events being cancelled around the country and companies of all sizes going fully remote, it’s clear that COVID-19 will change the way we work for at least the foreseeable future.

At, our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by the virus. As a business, we want to first ensure the safety of our staff and partners, and then determine how we can best be of help.

A few months ago, we launched our new healthcare recruiting practice. We took steps to build a specialized network of healthcare recruiters and hired a senior staff member to lead this effort. To that end, we stand very much ready to assist with any additional healthcare talent requirements for clinical and non-clinical roles. We hope we can play a small part in any efforts to provide additional staff and assist with preparedness initiatives. is also offering our Recruiting 101 online training for free. Visit and enter the discount code “LearnRecruiting.” The course is designed to teach you all the ins and outs of recruiting on the job market, and we hope it can offer those who may be out of work or looking for supplemental income a way to work remotely during these trying times.

In addition, we’re collecting a list of resources to assist businesses of all sizes as they navigate this difficult time. In the coming weeks, we’ll be keeping this list updated as new information comes in. If you or your company have anything you would like to add to this list, please email our managing editor, Matthew Kosinski, and

Coronavirus Resources

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published guidelines for businesses. More info here:

• Employee well-being solution Grokker is offering free access to well-being videos and programs until April 30. More info here:

• Recruiting tech company Breezy HR is offering free video interviews and assessments for at least 60 days. More info here:

• Law firm Cozen O’Connor has established a continuously updated webpage compiling resources and news about the coronavirus for businesses. More info here:

• People management solution TransparentBusiness will be holding free webinars on efficient telecommuting practices. More info here:

• Culture management solution CultureIQ has assembled a free resources page, which includes a free virus preparedness survey. More info here:

• Game studio Super Evil Megacorp has compiled an in-depth guide to remote-first business operations. More info here:

• Digital currency exchange Coinbase is sharing its coronavirus planning materials publicly. More info here:

• Glassdoor has compiled some insightful data about the state of the talent market during the outbreak. More info here:

• Slack has published a useful guide on making the most of its messaging software in remote work situations. More info here:

• CustomGuide is offering a free quick guide to coronavirus prevention tips. More info here:

• Dialpad and Crosschq are partnering to offer free virtual interviewing and hiring tools. More info: and

• Checkster is offering free reference-checking solutions for government, healthcare, and nonprofit employers battling the COVID-19 pandemic. More info here:

• DH2i is offering its DxOdyssey networking software free of charge until August 31. More info here:

• Employee feedback platform Waggl is offering companies free use of its employee voice platform for 90 days. More info here:

• The Starr Conspiracy has shared an in-depth webinar on successful marketing strategies in a downturn. More info here:

• ThinkHR and Mammoth have compiled a trove of free resources, including sample furlough letters, policy templates, and more. More info here:

• Employee engagement platform Butterfly is offering its software to companies for free for 90 days. More info here:

• is providing feel daily coronavirus news updates for businesses. More info here:

• TSIA’s Rapid Research Response initiative is aggregating and sharing insights on how companies are effectively responding to the crisis. More info here:

• LinkedIn has enabled free job posts for organizations in certain key sectors, as well as a host of other offerings. More info here:

• PactSafe is offering a free “Contactless Contracts and Policy Kit” preloaded with policy templates specifically drafted for COVID-19. More info here:

• Community Brands has launched, a free job board for employers seeking talent to help battle COVID-19. More info here:

• Talent management platform opened the Eightfold Talent Exchange, a marketplace where employers hiring for critical roles can connect with workers who were recently laid off or furloughed. More info here:

• Finder has published a guide to the paycheck protection program being offered by the US Small Business Administration. More info here:

• OutMatch has released the C.R.I.S.I.S. Development tool, a free assessment meant to help organizations understand their leaders’ strengths and opportunities for improvement when it comes to navigating a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. More info here:

• eFinancialCareers launched a COVID-19 resource center for finance and tech professionals and employers. More info here:

• The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has launched Coaches for Good, a program connecting pro bono ICF coaches with individuals and organizations during the COVID-19 crisis. More information here:

By Matthew Kosinski