DATAMARK Releases Top 10 Outsourcing Trends for Next Year

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NewsDATAMARK, Inc. has recently identified the Top 10 Business Process Outsourcing Trends for 2012. One of the reasons companies outsource is to reduce and control operating costs in order to be able to focus more on their companies.

The emergence of technologies will continue to grow and change Business Process Outsourcing in the coming year and many more companies will consider outsourcing, especially in areas like Latin America, India, and the Philippines.

The following are five of the ten outsourcing trends to watch for next year.

1. Increase in mobile apps.

With the easy access to tablets and smart phones, mobile apps will continue to increase next year. Mobile apps will be given to clients to increase productivity and allow them to be more mobile.

2. Social networking will increase.

Utilizing Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for customer service will increase, as well as using chat on social networks, therefore decreasing the use of phone calls and emails.

3. The rise of gamification.

Using gamification makes tedious and repetitive tasks more fun so more of it will come forth. Coming up with reward systems similar to the frequent-flier miles incentives are also easier to create using gamification and may become more popular.

4. Latin America will become more popular as a nearshore destination.

With a 20 to 40 percent labor differential, an excellent BPO workforce, and a good deal of those who are bi-lingual, Latin America will see more action.

5. More testing of third party technologies for reliability.

Technologies such as embedded sensors, robotics, and QR codes and language recognition as process solutions that may cut costs and increase efficiencies will grow.

If you would like to read the full list, read 10 Business Process Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2012.

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