Did Linkedin Kill the Cover Letter?

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Kill the Cover LetterNot quite.

By now you’ve probably heard about the new, “Apply with Linkedin Button.” It allows job seekers to use their Linkedin profile as a de facto resume when applying for jobs online.

So what about all those long nights you spent crafting the perfect resume, the hours you poured into learning complete cover letter etiquette?

Don’t worry, you’re still going to need those skills!

Companies that use the “Apply with Linkedin” button can customize the plugin to ask the applicant nearly anything. The company may require that you submit additional materials such as the traditional resume, cover letter, or answer a set of screening questions before you’re even considered.

So if you thought applying for a job was going to be as easy as clicking a button – think again. All the old standards of job seeking still apply, plus a few new ones to prepare for.

So first of all…

3) Update your Linkedin Profile: Like updating your resume, you may have to perform some maintenance on your profile if you want to send it around. Make sure to have all the sections filled out, as a sparsely populated profile won’t look good to employers. Ask for recommendations from previous associates and start building your network.

2) Stand Out: Every job seeker is going to abuse the button and start applying for positions they’re unqualified for. If you want your profile to stand out amongst the deluge, your profile needs to be as compelling as possible. How can you make a splash without contributing to the over-saturation? (This exposes an inherent flaw in the profile application system: You can’t tailor your Linkedin page for every job you apply to) – You’re going to have stand out by listing your interests along with your transferable skills.

1) Be prepared for the usual: Old habits die hard. Companies may still ask for the traditional forms of application so be prepared to submit your resume, cover letter, and fill out an application.

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