Effective Talent Acquisition Through Technology

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Human Resources concept choosing the perfect candidate for the job Why does technology matter when acquiring talent?

Talent acquisition. Not just a new term for selection and hiring, but a more accurate description of the new thinking in recruitment. Talent acquisition is a huge undertaking and it has high standards in processing job applicants and making selection decisions. Technology plays a vital role in keeping everything in order, maximizing every stage of the hiring process. This gives justice to the strategic importance of acquiring top caliber talent. Without the proper utilization of technology, hiring can become an operational bottleneck that will stifle the growth of an organization.

Seizing the online hiring trend

Perhaps the biggest step in technology for hiring is the invention of the World Wide Web and the increasing access of people to its network. Not only is online hiring now possible, it’s becoming one of the biggest sources of qualified candidates. In fact, online hiring is the new frontier of recruitment. With this is an increasing dependence of automated hiring systems that have Internet-based platforms. One good example is the talent acquisition system, which enables recruiters to automatically “crawl” the Internet for relevant resumes, receive and sort out applications, send out interview invites, and even facilitate online exams. This makes assessment easy even when handling a large number of applicants. Recruiters can quickly usher in applicants and get them through the hiring pipeline. Selecting the best candidates for specific jobs can be done easily without sacrificing the quality of the selection pool.

Embracing metrics: HR analytics and hiring

Technology also gave way to increasingly create objective hiring interventions. Through advance computerized data collection and database management systems, HR analytics have made metrics analysis for hiring functions very easy. Information that recruiters need can be displayed in an easy to interpret dashboard in real time. Hiring managers can easily pinpoint the best places to source qualified people, identify hiring trends, locate selection bottlenecks, and even anticipate hiring problems. Numbers never lie and HR analytics can display figures that matter most to recruiters. How many are retiring? How many inside the organization can replace the retirees? What is the needed training to equip the people next in line? How much does it cost to source people from the outside? The metrics from the system can help hiring managers weigh options better.

Tapping into appropriate technologies: talent management system

Applicant recruiting systems are perhaps one of the best applicable technologies in selection and hiring. It can easily cover all aspects of the hiring process and more, including the onboarding process. With this system, hiring, performance evaluation, compensation, learning and performance can easily be integrated into a central software that enables all of HR to collaborate to achieve higher efficiency in their inter-related functions. There are no more loose ends in the human capitalization efforts, which can directly contribute to the profitability and growth of the organization. Having an efficient hiring process helps any organization reach its goals and continue expanding.  

By Sean Fahey