Employers Ruminate on Recruiting and Retaining Talent

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newsAlthough every company wants great employees, they may waffle at the benefits of paying for the costs of recruitment.  As an agency recruiter, you may find it helpful to be able to think like these employers and contemplate some of the issues that they face. As a corporate recruiter, it is now part of your job to spread talent management best practices across your company to every level. What tools can recruiters offer employers for figuring how to retain high-performing employees?  What innovative solutions have successful companies found found for accelerating workforce development?

Recruiting professionals may wish to read a new book, The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management by Dr. David DeLong and Steve Trautman.  The goal of the book is to teach senior managers can now maximize their efforts to recruit, hire, develop, and retain key professionals and young leaders. “Lots of organizations are investing heavily in programs to develop their workforce but many senior executives have a nagging feeling their company isn’t getting its money’s worth when it comes to talent management,” said co-author Delong. “Unfortunately, most leaders don’t know what to do about this.”

Recent research by DeLong & Trautman includes more than 70 interviews with senior executives and top talent experts in the U.S. and Europe. They identified a series of critical success factors that can help leaders be more effective in recruiting, developing and retaining the best people.

It should also be noted that many corporate talent acquisition departments are increasingly becoming involved in retention programs and in training line managers on successful hiring. Corporate recruiting is becoming less about a nexus of recruiting talent in Human Resources, but rather a knowledge-base and series of best practices which is advocated by a senior talent acquisition function. The corporate recruiting leader of today must spread talent management skills and instill best practices in executives, department managers, and project leads.

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