Employers to Create Free, Branded Career Sites with Zao

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Zao logoEmployee referral management platform Zao.comhas announced the availability of a new product that allows companies to create free career websites with a built-in rewards component. Zao offers free website hosting and the ability for employers to brand their website with logos, images, and videos that can be uploaded from video-sharing platforms like YouTube. Jobs can be added and referral rewards managed through Zao.com and filled positions are automatically closed through the website.

Zao requires no previous programming experience and provides simple-to-use but robust editing features. Each website receives its own URL (e.g. yourcompany.zao.com) that is linkable to a company’s official homepage. Individual career pages can also be created for posting and managing job openings in various departments.

“Many company career pages are static and don’t fully capitalize on the incredible opportunity presented by a visit from someone who may be interested in joining the company,” said Ziv Eliraz, founder and CEO of Zao. “That’s not because HR leaders aren’t interested in leveraging the visit – they understand more than most how powerful the potential is. In some cases, lack of IT resources and technical expertise may keep companies from optimizing their career page. With the new Zao career site, companies can finally showcase their brand, display job openings and create talent networks.”

By Joshua Bjerke