eQuest Launches Dashboard Free Job Posting App

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dashboard free job app eQuest has announced the release of a completely overhauled user interface as part of its 3.0 Big Data rollout. The new application enables users to quickly access job post advertising recommendations without interpreting data sets on a dashboard. eQuest’s data base of analytical statistics holds over a billion units of candidate performance data that is used to assist customers with recognizing advertising trends, which equate to more effective advertising models.

This first feature upgrade to eQuest’s user interface analyzes jobs prior to posting and identifies the best day for delivering each job to individual career sites. This feature, called Post-Scheduler, considers when a career site experiences the highest level of candidate traffic and when responses to similar job titles, functions, skills, and location are at their peak. Through the use of the online calendar, job postings are automatically delivered at the optimized moment, resulting in a view and response rate increase of up to 20 percent.

The new user interface is free for eQuest customers and is the first upgrade for a planned two-year Big Data enhancement line up.


By Joshua Bjerke