Facebook Career Networking App Sees Strong Growth

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Talent Me, Talent.meTalent.me, a career networking service on Facebook, is steadily growing in popularity, recently garnering over 10,000 “likes” on their Facebook fan page. The latest milestone foreshadows the budding career app’s lofty ambitions to take its place amongst the other heavyweight social career networks such as LinkedIn, Branchout, and BeKnown.

Leveraging Facebook’s network of 750 million active users, Talent.me offers an innovative approach to career networking by bridging the delicate boundaries between social and professional networks.

User profiles on Talent.me at first appear to be a strange hybridization of LinkedIn and Facebook settings: Users are prompted to import their LinkedIn profile information for easier setup, although manual re-entry of data is also acceptable. Combined with the user’s existing Facebook profile picture and friend connections, the app then creates a professional profile with a distinct URL that users can share with their friends, family and recruiters. The end result provides a highly effective profile for creating a unique professional online identity.

Social activity on Talent.me is kept separate from traditional Facebook processes, a welcome and necessary feature for establishing professional rapport with other members. Users are encouraged to utilize an Invite tab to invite friends and professional contacts from other networks to start building connections. Similar to LinkedIn’s “recommendations” functionality, Talent.me allows users to add “talents” to their profile and request endorsements from other users to highlight areas of individual skill and expertise.

Talent.me provides an additional channel for job seekers to position themselves as desirable candidates and connect with recruiters. While still in its early stages of growth, the Facebook app is positioned to become a powerhouse platform for reaching top talent.

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