FMLA Guide Released by Presagia to Help Employers Understand Compliance Laws

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NewsPresagia’s Leave Compliance Officer, Allan Compagnon, is distributing the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Guide encompassing a comprehensive overview of the FMLA for employers. As a leader of SaaS leave management solutions for health and absence, Presagia assists companies in gaining better compliance.

Ensuring compliance in the workplace can sometimes be difficult, as federal laws and company policies may conflict. The FMLA was created so that both employers and families are protected when it comes to compliance. It makes sure that working families get ample time to take off in the case of a medical issue.

On average, according to the Department of Labor, if a FMLA lawsuit is filed against an employer, it costs about $78,000 no matter what the outcome is. With cost so high, having the FMLA Guide is necessary for companies to know the necessary laws and policies to protect them.

To better explain the guide, Mr. Compagnon will host an informational webinar on December 6th for The webinar is entitled, “How Well Do You Understand the Intricacies of FMLA Compliance?” and will run from 3:30pm-4:30pm EST. The FMLA guide provides key definitions of important terms, such as ‘Entitlement’, ‘Serious Health Conditions’, and more. It also informs companies how they can avoid common mistakes when using FMLA.

For more information or to download a copy of the FMLA Guide, visit

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