Free Guide by the NLRB Teaches Employers about Social Media Policies in the Workplace

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NewsA new employer guide entitled, “Can I Fire This Twit Over That Tweet? Social Media, Labor Law and the NLRB,” is now available from Customer Expressions (CEC) software, i-Sight, to inform employers about policies and procedures in regards to the use of social media in the workplace. The guide will assist HR managers in understanding social media labor laws and what behaviors at work constitute employee misconduct.

Social media is extremely common in and out of the workplace, with at least 800 million people using Facebook alone. Twitter and LinkedIn are also common social media venues. Social media policies have been lacking in the past, causing some employers to make mistakes that have cost them a great deal of money in court costs.

According to Joe Gerard, VP of Sales and Marketing for i-Sight Software, “More than a third of employers have disciplined employees for improper use of social media. This guide is meant to provide an overview of the current guidance from the NLRB and help HR managers understand what kind of activity is considered misconduct. It also offers best practices related to the development of social media policies and training programs.”

The number of cases that involve social media in the workplace is increasing, thus the NLRB is offering assistance to businesses with this new guide that defines appropriate online behavior for employees. The guide discusses the ins and outs of social media policy, how employers can educate employees about appropriate social media use, NLRB case studies, and what behavior is protected by law.

To download “Can I Fire This Twit Over That Tweet? Social Media, Labor Law and the NLRB, visit

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