GuideSpark Offers Resource On Enhancing Employee Benefits Communication

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NewsGuideSpark, an innovative provider of Human Resource web solutions, has recently released a video white paper that offers to teach HR organizations how to develop and launch their own customized benefits communication videos for their employees. The video white paper outlines the step-by-step process needed for launch and notes the advantages associated with using such video technology.

“Across the board, we find HR organizations are juggling the dual goals of enabling employee self-service while driving toward a culture of well-informed benefits consumers,” said Joe Larocque, Director, Content Development, GuideSpark. “Without exception, they’ve seen great success using video to achieve both objectives through a deeper level of employee engagement.”

The instructional video white paper offers insights into:

  • Using video for quick wins during open enrollment
  • Determining which benefit programs gain the most from video education
  • How to decide which topics and information to cover
  • How to keep video content simple and engaging

HR organizations utilizing video technology have the edge over old-fashioned, effete models of benefits communication delivery. A recent GuideSpark press release commented on the overwhelmingly positive response received from customer surveys, suggesting that, ‘…rich video content typically garners an overall 98 percent satisfaction rate among employees who praise the “easy to follow,” “convenient” and cost-effective benefits communication videos.’ A number of Fortune 100 Best Places to Work companies such as Adobe Systems and Meridian Health have already seen benefits by adopting the technology. GuideSpark’s video white paper is free to view on their site, available here.

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