Hiring for Culture Fit: The Key to Attracting and Retaining Talent in 2022

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Companies in various sectors are now focusing on recruiting culture-fit candidates for new openings. Hiring managers are now emphasizing it because they want to hire individuals who can work with the company in the long run.

When we talk about recruiting for culture fit, the main concern many people raise is using it as a way to differentiate between individuals because of their characteristics. However, the post-pandemic corporate world is seeing a massive transformation. In fact,71% of employers  are now offering more flexibility to new employees.

And with social issues becoming a hot topic, many employers want to recruit culture-fit candidates. So what does culture fit mean? And how do you attract and retain such employees? We will discuss all these things to give recruitment managers a better idea. 

What Does Culture Fit Mean? 

The fundamental element of candidates being a culture fit means that their mindset and values should match your company’s culture or your overall organizational culture. An employee might love to hang out with the rest of their office mates, but that does not mean they are a good culture fit.

So, the ideal approach should be to create an employment strategy that your culture backs. It is an optimal way to attract and retain the best talent. Let’s go over some of the ways that can help you to create a culture-driven recruiting process.

How to Recruit Culture-Fit Candidates? 

According to CNBC, around 50% of the American workforce is looking for new jobs in 2022. It is now imperative for recruitment managers to recruit culture-fit candidates to keep labor turnover rates low.

With so many people looking for new jobs, you don’t want to end up with someone who will switch to different positions in a few months, weeks, or even days. 

Let’s go over some of the ways recruitment managers can find potential candidates with the same ideology and be a great culture fit for their company.

Have Clear Values 

Having clear values is imperative to creating a corporate culture that helps your existing employees work in harmony. It ultimately increases the company’s productivity and helps build a solid relationship. And even if you have a clear set of values, it is time to revamp them since they can be off and out of touch.

Salaries are a significant factor that many people consider before choosing a job. Per an SHRM survey, employers are now paying58%  higher salaries than before 2020. So, if you are increasing your overheads by offering more salaries, you need to recruit culture-fit candidates for your company.

The last thing any hiring manager or recruiter would want is paying high salaries to a new employee and then finding out that employee is quitting in a short span because they did not understand your values. So you must formulate a clear explanation of your company’s values.

Your core values will be the foundation of the culture you want for your organization. Once you have a written set of values, you then move on to the next step of the recruiting process to find culture-fit candidates. Also, you need to tell the world about your values to attract people that align with them.

As a result, you won’t have to work too hard to find potential employees that are a good match for your company’s environment. Also, it will reduce the burden on the recruitment team since they can know what person they want to hire for the company.

Create a Compelling Company Culture 

How do you find out if the people coming to the company are culturally the right fit for you? You cannot judge someone if they are the right culture fit candidate by simply conducting a single interview with them. So, what you need is an influential culture that showcases it to other people.

You will attract like-minded people with the right attitude, and they will stay with you in the long run. You won’t have to work too hard on retaining them since they will join if they find your culture to match their core values.

The ideal workplace environment which can help you to recruit culture-fit candidates consists of:

  • Helping them grow professional according to their skills and achievements
  • Having a good work-life balance
  • Showing trust and reliability to your employees
  • Valuing the employees and their families

These values can help you build a better culture over time. And these are something that many people are looking forward to changing their jobs.


Incorporating such changes can help recruiters and hiring managers in many ways. Most notably, recruiting managers can attract talent that would want to blend in and work in an environment that offers a dynamic, peaceful, and friendly environment.

By recruiting culture-fit candidates, you can ensure the people who seek out your company understand your values and know about the principles. So, if you want to attract and retain the best talent for your company, the emphasis should be on creating a compelling culture.

Use Out of Box Ideas for Job Descriptions

The first impression could be the last one when it comes to your job postings. So, if you have the old draft for your job description that you have been using for many years, it is time to scrap it and develop a new one.

The most imperative thing recruitment managers need to look at when recruiting culture-fit candidates is creating a suitable job description. So, if you can present your culture in the best way, it can help you attract and retain culture-fit employees.

Most importantly, the job description should be about your expectations from the new person, but it should include all the points to attract the best talent who is the right cultural fit for your company.

There is nothing wrong with writing a job description that is straightforward if you want to attract people with no distinction in their personalities. But, organizations that want to use job descriptions to their advantage can use vocabulary and tone to help them connect with like-minded people.

Streamline the Onboarding Process for Employees to Fit In

A vital point to keep in mind is that you don’t only have to hire people who are a good culture fit, but you also need to streamline their onboarding process. In fact, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with your company if you have a great onboarding process. 

The main reason behind employees leaving after onboarding is due to not bonding and fitting in with the team. Having a streamlined onboarding process is imperative if they want to retain the right culturally fit person for their company.

If you are hiring people who are a good culture fit, you will still have to guide and lead them throughout the onboarding process. If you can welcome them correctly, they will blend in quickly and efficiently.

Below are some tips to help you with the onboarding process of a new employee:

  • The recruitment and relevant department manager can call or meet with the new employee to welcome them on board. It will help maintain a good relationship in the long term.
  • Gift the new employees a package which can have a welcome note from all the team and other items from the company.
  • Try to do something nice for their families, like giving them a gift voucher for their loved ones or a gift card for their children. It will help them share the new experience with their family members.
  • Give the new hire a complete workflow for at least a week to know their relevant task and who to approach if they get stuck somewhere.
  • Tell your team about the new hire through an announcement. It will help your team members to blend in with the new hire to make them comfortable.

Update the Interview Process 

When we talk about hiring for a culture fit for your company, the interview has a significant role. It sets the tone for the long-lasting impressions of your organization and how they will describe it to the rest of the world.

The entire interview process needs to give the right idea about your culture so you and the candidate can judge if they are the right fit for the company or not. Most importantly, the interview length should not be too long that the potential candidate would not want to go through it.

Additionally, asking the right questions is vital to know if the person is the right culture fit for your company or not. If you ask traditional questions, you’ll get the same standard answers across candidates.

Therefore, you won’t get an insight into the candidate’s mindset. You can ask about the motivating factors that increase their morale to find if they thrive in your company culture and grow in your organization.

Moreover, managers can also learn about their key interests, the activities that encourage them, and whether they will have fun at company events.

If recruitment managers want a better understanding of what their candidates want from the workplace culture, they can ask questions such as:

  • What methods do you prefer to get a review on your progress overall?
  • Tell us more about the work environments that can help you increase your productivity.
  • How will you work with your diverse teams on a task that needs collaboration?
  • What factors might lead you to quit this job within 45 days of hiring?

Build a Strong Employer Brand 

Last but not least, a stellar employer brand is one of the best ways to attract and retain talent, which is the right culture to fit your company. Recruitment managers won’t have to go through a long and hectic process to find the individual with the same core values as the company.

With social media becoming a top pick for many new candidates to search for their new potential employer, companies should check how people perceive them. You can craft social media campaigns that can help you deliver your message right throughout social media platforms.

And not just that, you should also focus on what people are talking about your company on top job finding sites. The takeaway from your message should be how different you are from the other companies in the same industry.

If you can differentiate between your working culture and the other company’s working culture, you can have a significant chance of attracting the right talent. So, work on creating a stellar employer brand to attract the best talent.

Employer branding has seen rapid evolution throughout the past few decades, and we can anticipate even more transformation.

Optimize Your Hiring Process Today

Building a friendly culture and ensuring people fit in accordingly goes a long way than hiring and onboarding them. You have to cultivate long-term working relationships to allow your team members to grow as a team and on an individual level.

And the best way to do it is by having a growth-oriented environment that appreciates hard-working individuals and facilitates effective communication among the employees. So work on building an incredible culture that helps you attract and retain the best talent in the long run.

Our exclusive networks of talented and experienced recruitment professionals will be happy to guide you with the various best practices you can follow to foster positive company values and strengthen your business culture in doing so.

To learn more about how you can use our recruitment strategy to boost your organization’s culture and enhance your hiring process to land the best job candidates, contact us at Recruiter.com.


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