How AI Can Actually Humanize the Candidate Experience

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According to research by Forbes , 84% of business leaders believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will be the best way for businesses to acquire talent going forward. However, many people are still concerned that using this machine learning technology will dehumanize the recruiting process.

But on the contrary, it can help human resources (HR) improve the hiring process and offer a positive candidate experience.

Keep reading to learn how AI will help your talent acquisition process.

Increase Time to Hire

You can use AI to increase your time-to-hire by automating different repetitive tasks early in the recruiting process. This is important because most good job seekers are off the job market  within ten days , so you need to hire them as quickly as possible. Also, if the candidate has multiple job offers, they won’t have to delay a decision while waiting to hear back from you before they take a different position. 

A quick hiring process is also better for the overall candidate experience as it will lessen anxiety and give you time to make a good hiring decision.

Keep Qualified Candidates Engaged

Keeping the best candidates engaged is excellent for their experience, but sometimes it can overwhelm recruiters dealing with hundreds of job candidates simultaneously. However, automation and AI can help foster these relationships by offering constant contact. 

For example, with chatbots, AI can interact with candidates and answer simple questions that candidates might have. This can help to have more streamlined and quicker communication so that high-quality candidates know precisely where they stand in your recruiting process. 

You can also use this with passive candidates in your talent pipeline. Keeping in contact with them sounds challenging, but it can help when you finally have a position you want to recruit them for. 

Improve Communication

One of the easiest ways to improve candidate engagement is by improving communication. Chatbots and AI can help you automate messages that are still personalized. You can even set them to send out at different stages in the recruiting process. 

This way, recruiters will have more time to connect with candidates on essential issues that AI can’t help. 

Utilize Data

Data can help recruiting teams and hiring managers make better decisions throughout the recruitment process. But this data can also help you determine where to improve a negative candidate experience. For example, you can track metrics like your cost-per-hire, time-to-fill positions, and candidate satisfaction.

The data will let recruiters learn how to offer better benefits and higher salaries and attract even more candidates. For example, if candidates are dropping out of the process because they aren’t getting enough communication, you can use AI to improve this part of the process. 

Provide Feedback

Offering feedback to candidates can help them in their job search process, and even if you don’t hire them, it helps to foster great relationships. With automation tools and AI software freeing up recruiter’s time, they can dedicate this time to helping candidates and providing detailed feedback.

For example,’s AI sourcing software, recruiters won’t have to spend as much time sourcing candidates. Instead, they can use their technical skills to take time to build relationships with candidates and focus on the part of the recruiting process that needs a human touch.

Improve Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most crucial stages of the recruiting process because it’s the candidate’s first introduction to your company. If you have a good onboarding process, you increase the chances of retaining the employees you just hired by focusing on employee engagement.

You can use AI to improve your onboarding process by using technology to help with all paperwork. You can even create training modules and interactive chatbots to answer new hires’ questions. 

You can also use digital assistants that can help humanize the onboarding process to take care of benefit elections, tax deductions, and setting up payroll. 

Promote Diversity

When you use AI to improve your sourcing and screening process, you can reduce unconscious biases hindering your recruiting efforts. When you have a fair hiring process, your candidates will feel like they are being evaluated fairly, and it will also promote your employer brand by enhancing your company culture.

For example, you can use AI to screen candidates based on qualifications for the job versus hiring someone based on their looks, gender, appearance, or education history. 

Start Using AI in Your Recruiting Process Today

Many people think using AI in your recruiting process will dehumanize the process and turn candidates away, but that’s not the case. These are only a few ways that AI can help add human interaction to your recruiting efforts. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can improve your recruiting process, contact us today to discover more about our AI sourcing as a service. 


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By Alyssa Harmon