How to Scale Your Recruiting Process for Accelerated Team Growth

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Growth can be an exciting phase for any company. However, it can also be a chaotic and challenging time of transition.

According to one recent report, each corporate job offer attracts close to 250 resumes on average. Of all the qualified applicants, only four to six candidates get called for an interview, and only one gets the job under most circumstances.

Talent acquisition leaders have a lot on their plate when looking at strategies to accelerate their company’s growth. However, having the right people on your recruiting team can take your recruiting efforts to an altogether different level within no time.

There are a lot of important considerations that hiring managers and HR leaders need to be mindful of when trying to scale up the recruitment team for company growth.

Analyze Your Company’s Unique Needs and Plan Your Timeline

A company that wants to accelerate the pace of its growth expands much faster than other companies in the same industry. In such cases, the hiring needs aren’t always planned and, at times, can arise almost at the last minute.

Rushing through the recruitment process will only bring more trouble your way.

Lisa Stern Haynes, global staffing lead and a senior recruiter at Google, explains how this can happen in a recent interview with CNBC.

She says, “You often see employers rushing to settle for a candidate because of time pressure, or even hiring someone due to a preexisting relationship or as a favor to someone. This can lead to a bad hire, which has a really long-lasting negative effect on a team or a company’s culture. It’s way better to take the time and go through a very robust hiring process and then identify the best possible candidate the first time around.”

As a responsible talent acquisition leader, you need to plan your hiring timeline carefully.

For instance, if you estimate that your hiring manager will need thirty new team members in the coming year to keep up with the growth phase, and assuming that you’re at ten employees right now, you’ll need to hire another twenty qualified candidates to get to the thirty-employee mark. But that would be true only if nobody on your team leaves the company the entire year.

Also, since the average employee turnover rate hovers around 10%, you should be prepared to lose at least two to three of your employees.

This directly implies that you’ll have to plan in a way that you hire twenty-three (and not twenty) employees to maintain a strong team that’ll contribute to growing your company.

One best practice here would be to formulate a simple quarter-wise recruiting plan to help you anticipate and prioritize your expansion needs much better.

Due to all these reasons, assigning enough time toward understanding your company’s unique requirements and planning your timeline should be the top consideration when it comes to hiring employees for accelerated growth.

Leverage Technology to Streamline Your Recruiting Workflows

Technology has gone down to become one of the most crucial drivers of recruiting and is a prerequisite for having a competitive advantage when hiring for growth.

A staggering 98% of Fortune 500 businesses use recruitment software today.

In addition, according to LinkedIn’s report, close to 68% of talent acquisition professionals believe that the best way to improve recruiting performance in the next few years is to invest in new technology.

In one recent article, Jonathan Singel, the global head of talent acquisition, explains how various technology innovations have helped Spotify scale quickly.

“When recruiting in hyper-growth, investing in tech helps us to work more efficiently and effectively. For us, it forms the basis of an infrastructure that gives us time back. With that time, we focus on what only humans can do – creating that world-class experience in an increasingly competitive talent market. We never just throw tech at a challenge and expect it to be solved, but using it to streamline processes and make our pipeline more manageable, has been invaluable to us,” says Singel.

Several technology solutions are available in the market today that can help recruiters streamline their day-to-day workflows and achieve growth faster. Some of these include:

When deciding which solution will work best for your team, one best practice would be to look at your existing tech stack, hiring budget, and what your counterparts are doing—using these insights to formulate your recruiting strategy to bring in quality candidates.

Build a Strong Company Culture to Keep Employees From Leaving 

Today, 8 in 10 employees seek a new job just after having one bad day at work.

When you’re aiming to grow your recruitment team to accelerate growth, you should simultaneously be focused on building a company culture that will significantly impact employees in the long run. This is especially true because an environment like this can generate future leaders with higher chances of sticking around when times get challenging.

If you don’t have a strong company culture, your hiring efforts may fail regardless of the resources and tech stack you have at your disposal. Take a careful look at the business models of successful companies such as Google, Apple, Disney, or Amazon, and you’ll notice that they all share a strong company culture.

Some of the ways HR managers can build a healthy environment for their team include:

  • Hiring the right people who fit into the organization’s ideologies
  • Encouraging healthy competition within the team by arranging events
  • Showing appreciation when an employee’s work stands out, and doing that often
  • Gathering feedback frequently and working toward incorporating the changes suggested
  • Making it easier for your colleagues to have a one-to-one conversation with you if and when the need arises

Scale Your Recruiting Process Today

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