Kenexa Launches HR Awards Competition

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Kenexa HR AwardsKenexa – a leading global provider of HR and Recruitment technology and services, has recently announced the launch of their Synergy HR Awards competition, aimed at identifying and celebrating successful HR programs within companies. Kenexa invites all entrants into the competition to showcase their demonstrable ROI. People can apply for the HR awards at

“Better HR means a better company, and the Synergy Awards provide an opportunity for HR professionals to showcase how their accomplishments have led to improved business outcomes. The Awards are intended to recognize the many success stories in the HR industry, as well as provide models of effective HR management and execution, which can be replicated in other organizations,” stated Tim Geisert, Chief Marketing Officer for Kenexa. “Kenexa has a long history of improving companies and enriching lives. Understanding how others have overcome similar challenges to improve their business can help spur us all to even greater success.”

There are six categories for the awards, each highlighting an achievement in a specific HR practice. Entrants must present documentation to prove their ROI and backup their HR strategy’s claims. Successful participants will be featured on Kenexa’s website and in their annual “Success Stories,” publication.

For each winning submission, Kenexa will provide a charitable donation to a recognized organization and promote the winning HR story in a full-page advertisement in a relevant industry publication. Additionally, winners will receive an award crafted by artisans exclusively for the Synergy Awards. Award nominations for the competition will be accepted until November 2011, and the winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in 2012.

“The diversity of award categories demonstrates the vast spectrum of opportunities that HR has to make a positive impact every day,” Geisert said. “The Synergy Awards are a forum for mutual learning through sharing the success stories and lessons learned of HR in action.”

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