HR Outsourcing Now Available to 70 Independent Insurance Agencies in California Due to Merging of PDP and United Valley Insurance Services

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NewsPayroll Data Processing (PDP) has now partnered with United Valley Insurance Services, thereby making it possible for PDP to offer outsourcing services to more than 70 independent insurance agencies and their customers in California.

Independent insurance agents today are experiencing a professional challenge. According to PDP’s president, Davi Volpi, “In recent years, the national payroll service bureaus have become much more aggressive and when the national payroll firms are successful, independent insurance agents often lose their broker of record relationships with their clients.”

Furthermore, Volpi claims, “What distinguishes PDP is our approach – we understand that insurance agents and brokers want to provide the best possible HR services to their clients, but at the same time want to eliminate introducing solution providers to their accounts that may become competitors later”.

United Valley Insurance Services is an organization consisting of a group of individual insurance companies that started out in November 1983. United Valley also offers its members unique programs for marketing and risk-management programs known for its high quality and cutting-edge technology.

PDP is a human resource outsourcing service organization that targets the problems of independent insurance agencies. As all administrative tasks related to the employer are taken care of by PDP, the insurance agencies find it easy to concentrate on their customers and business management, saving valuable time.

By Rachel Lorinda