iCIMS Talent Platform Now Enhanced with Compensation Data Features

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icims talent platformiCIMS, one of the largest providers of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent management and acquisition solutions, has recently partnered with PayScale, a market leader in online compensation information, to provide customers with compensation data as part of their Talent Platform offering.

“We are excited about our partnership with PayScale”, said Susan Vitale, Chief Strategic Officer at iCIMS. “Compensation data was a gap we looked to fill for both our applicant tracking clients as well as those who use our performance and compensation solution. Our partnership with PayScale provides clients with best-of-breed technology and data and we look forward to a successful relationship together.”

The enhancement helps iCIMS customers stay competitive with their talent while cutting down on the time, risk, and extra costs tied to traditional compensation efforts. Now users have easy access to detailed compensation information for 13,000 job titles in all cities in the US, Canada and seven other English speaking countries.

Additionally, users can generate unique employee compensation reports using inputs such as education, experience, industry, size, and geographic location. Connecting with PayScale’s comprehensive database, users can match specific employee and candidate profiles with accurate compensation information. iCIMS customers can attract, recruit, and retain top talent with even more confidence knowing that their compensation strategy is aligned with the talent market and the specific needs of their organization.

“PayScale is the preferred resource for compensation data because of our vast database and ability to provide real-time salary data,” said Dave Smith, Chief Business Officer at PayScale, “We are excited to offer an easy path for iCIMS customers to experience our products in conjunction with their use of iCIMS’ leading solutions.”

For more information about iCIMS, please visit their corporate website.

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