Interact Intranet 7.3 to bring Higher Engagement, Faster Decisions, Better Problem Solving

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interact intranet 7.3 Intranet software provider, Interact Intranet, has announced the release of Interact Intranet 7.3 with a feature list rich in social capabilities. Implementing an intranet with social enterprise tools improves employee engagement, speeds up the decision making process, facilitates more effective problem solving, and reduces reliance on email for greater overall productivity.

“It is great to see companies starting to fully embrace and realize the advantages of deploying social features successfully on their intranets. At Interact we believe social tools can bring massive competitive advantages when aligned to how people work; however on their own they’re not enough,” said Nigel Danson, CEO of Interact Intranet.

Danson continued, “Interact Intranet 7.3 has been development based on what our customers said would further enhance collaboration between employees; helping to reduce group emails and enabling more effective conversations within their digital workspace, to get work done more effectively.”

With Interact Intranet 7.3 users can:

• Share and collaborate effectively with groups of people without the need for email. Individuals can connect with content and can @Mention departments, locations and teams into conversation, open up channels for connect groups with similar interests.

• Access a one-click multilingual intranet through integration with Google Translate, which provides instant translation of all intranet content into and from over 60 languages.

• Create a horizontal intranet architecture with tagging, making it easier to uncover conversations and content revolving around specific topics. Interact Intranet 7.3 introduces #Tagging of pages for grouping similar content.

• Improve knowledge sharing and collaboration with the Timeline feature. Enhancements to the social and intelligent features of Timeline displays media-rich content within an employee’s timeline and can include images, “liking” capability, sharing, and commenting.

• Support employee conversations through more flexible homepages which now include more layout options to provide support for more widgets like galleries, blogs, and trending topics.


By Joshua Bjerke