Introducing the Shortlist

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We’ve heard just how difficult it is to hire talented people. But, this rumor is absolutely incorrect.

In reality, hiring is actually pretty simple and straightforward. The candidate wants to find meaningful employment. Their objectives align with the employer, who is interested in hiring that candidate. A job offer is made and accepted, and the hiring process is completed. Hiring is simple.

So, where is all of the complexity we’re hearing about?

The true challenge is not in the hiring process, but in the finding process! Finding employees has never been more difficult… ever. Why? Because, anyone looking for a job (the “active candidate”) is constantly applying to jobs online.

>>Click. Click. Click.<<

Applying to an online job post has been simplified by LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and Indeed. It’s now as simple as the Amazon buy-now process. It has amplified the sheer number of applicants to any job posted online. In fact, active candidates are looking online to see how many job seekers have applied to a specific job. They are then not applying to the “crowded” job posts. And, given the recent layoffs from a number of notable companies, there are now fewer jobs available. So, the active candidates are applying to a smaller number of open positions – making the application process even more crowded.

Are you prepared to filter through thousands of random applicants? We recently spoke with a law firm looking for a paralegal. The firm posted the job on LinkedIn, received over 500 applications – and not one was an actual paralegal!

Is this really how you want to spend your time?

Let’s look at this from a sales perspective. We want our sales executives spending their time speaking with qualified leads. To make the sales process more effective, we employ others (like appointment setting firms) to do the legwork and schedule meetings between the sales executives and the qualified leads. We’ve seen the business development industry take-off with dozens of firms offering anywhere from $200 to $1,500 per qualified appointment. They receive no commission on the closed sale – but do receive a payout for each qualified appointment.

So, why not do the same thing for finding talent?

This is where Shortlist can help. Normally, you would pay headhunters massive fees to find and interview candidates. For example, you could pay up to $40,000 per hire for executive hires. Yet if you stop and think about it, this makes no sense. You and your internal team are going to interview the candidates anyway.

Where is the real value in paying so much to headhunters?

The good news: we have a solution. We broke the traditional headhunting model. We leverage our platform and identify highly-qualified candidates interested in your job opportunity. Then, we compile them in a Shortlist of 10 candidates and send it straight to you. You receive only hand-selected passive candidates who are working and not surfing job boards.

At $300 per candidate ($3,000 per Shortlist of 10 candidates) this is the best investment you can make in your talent acquisition process.

Are you ready to jumpstart your hiring process with Shortlist? Click here to get started.

By Angela Copeland