Kilmann Diagnostics Updates Conflict And Change Management Courses

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folderIn an effort to better manage conflict and change, Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) is offering five online courses that can now be purchased in a bundle package. In the past, KD has only offered these courses individually, but is now offering The Complete Program comprised of both basic and advanced training in Conflict Management, Culture Management, Critical Thinking, and Team Management.

The Complete Program gives you access to all five Course Manuals on the same webpage and KD recommends taking the courses in a sequential order. The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) Assessment is included and along with the manuals, consultants and facilitators will be available to offer guidelines for group discussions.

Dr. Ralph Kilmann, CEO of KD and co-developer of TKI, had this to say about The Complete Program: “Consultants and their clients have been enjoying our online courses for a few years now, but they have told us that it’s inconvenient to purchase one course after another, especially since the five media players are then on separate webpages. A great feature of The Complete Program is that all the videos and course manuals are now easily accessible on the same page. And instead of a 90-day expiration period for each separate course, customers have access to The Complete Program for a full year. Bottom line: if consultants and their clients are ready to commit to our integrated coursework, it seems most appropriate to offer it to them at a big savings. I believe The Complete Program is a win-win for everyone.”

The price of The Complete Program is $1375, which is $459 less expensive than purchasing each course individually. The price drops to $1175 per person if the program is purchased for a group of ten or more. A Certificate in Conflict Management and Change Management is offered to those that complete the optional final examination and upon completion of the program 25 CEUs are received.

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