LinkedIn Releases 2014 Talent Trends Report, 85 Percent of Workforce Open to Career Change

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pie chart LinkedIn wants to help you uncover what’s on the minds of those in the professional workforce. And to do so, the largest professional networking site recently released 2014 Talent Trends, its very first talent trends report revealing what’s on the minds of professionals when it comes to jobs and career management.

The report is based off of a survey of 18,000 full-time employed professionals in 26 countries, and it sheds light on professional attitudes toward job seeking, job satisfaction and career evaluation.

Did you know that 85 percent of the workforce is actively looking for a new role or open to advancements from another company? The survey data revealed that at 15 percent, “super passives”— professionals who are happily employed and unwilling to consider changing jobs—are down five percent from 2012. This is good news for recruiters.

“Because active candidates are looking for jobs, and passive candidates aren’t. Passive candidates represent 80% of the workforce. If recruiters simply post jobs, they’ll only get applications from 20% of the workforce — active candidates,” Joseph Roualdes, senior manager of corporate communications for LinkedIn Talent Solutions, said. “Recruiters need to tailor their strategies and tactics based on the behaviors of the candidates they’re targeting — passive or active. Unlike active candidates, recruiters need to search for and find passive candidates who are relevant for their jobs, then engage them in a meaningful conversation and sell them the job.”

Another key data point from the report was that even though 52 percent of active candidates reported being satisfied with their current role, it doesn’t prevent them from seeking new career opportunities.

To discover other talent trends, download your FREE copy of the report here.

By Shala Marks